Wednesday, February 17, 2016

To All You Atheist "Bible Experts"

Please tell me where in the Bible you will find:

1. Positive proof that babies are condemned to hell without salvation

2. The  proof that Jesus promises instant gratification of all prayers

3. The verse in the Bible that bans all public prayer

4. The Bible verse that endorses abortion

5. Positive proof that Jesus was gay

6. The proof that Jesus lied about His return

7. Proof that God sanctions murder according to its legal definition

8. Proof that salvation is an open invitation to sin

9. Proof that Christians are subject to every command of the Jewish law

10. Proof that God will save people from all irresponsible acts

Here's 10 to start. Let's keep the challenge going.


JBsptfn said...

Stoogie, it appears that J.P. Holding and other members of his board TheologyWeb were targeted for a libel lawsuit by some punk atheist:

TektonTV: URGENT-Legal Fundraiser

Anonymous said...

Atheist retards...

Anonymous said...

All atheists are morons!

Anonymous said...

Atheists can't handle the truth (aka Christianity) so they make up their own reality, claim that the truth (Christianity) is a lie, and cling to a fairytale for children (aka atheism) and call said children's fairytale the "truth".


Anonymous said...

Atheists seriously need to grow up and stop denying facts. Maybe then they'll finally stop getting slapped up in religious debates. Christians always destroy atheists in debates because Christians are adults who can think for themselves and recognize facts wen they see them. Atheists deny logic and reason because logic and reason are atheism's worst enemies.