Sunday, August 16, 2015

Church Outreach Programs: Where Are The Atheists?

I was helping out an event my church sponsored this weekend. The church received donations and filled 100 book bags with school supplies. The supplies were for kids in Elementary schools. Anybody who needed one was given a bag. On top of that, there were inflatable joy jumpers, plus free snow cones, nachos, popcorn and bottled water for all.

It was a great event, and parents thanked us again and again because nowadays "free public school" has become an expensive affair for people on lower incomes. It's not like the good old days, when the school provided all needs. All that school funding must to go to more important things like adminstrators' pensions. But I digress.

The one thing missing from this event were the Atheists. Where were they? If they're so compassionate and concerned about people, why don't they ever show up and help out? We wouldn't turn them away. We love everyone in a non-judgmental fashion.

I guess atheists are too busy posting anti-Christian intolerance all over the internet to be bothered with making a difference in the lives of real people.

More's the pity. 'Nuff said.


JBsptfn said...

They are out trying to stop these things because God threatens their weak-minded ways, and they think that is OK because in the Atheist Void, they feel that they can do anything they want. Sad.

They also go on the internet and support books like The God Delusion, and then they try to say that Stephen Hawking said that something can come from nothing. What a sad life of hate, strawmen, and pseudoscience.

Anonymous said...

"I guess atheists are too busy posting anti-Christian intolerance all over the internet to be bothered with making a difference in the lives of real people."

That's so true. While us Christians are helping out in the community and serving those in need, atheists are sitting around on the Internet (most likely in their parents' basements) bullying, harassing, emotionally abusing, and even threatening us online. I can't say I'm surprised, though. (Atheists are scumbags, what did you expect?) While they have their sadistic "fun", we'll be doing some good for this world, spreading love instead of hate.

Anonymous said...

Where are the atheists?
At home. On the Internet. Harassing Christians.

"Atheists are loving, tolerant respectful people" my foot!

Brea said...

I am a God alone Muslim. I used to be sunni. But after going over Quran which the sectarian Mullahs don't want us to read independently because it would make them unemployed, I came to know that sects are completely forbidden in Islam. I am very much aware of how they talk and how the average sectarians like Sunni and Shia remain within a circle, rejecting anything outside of it. To my surprise, I see the same behavior in atheists. Sectarians outside show how much they uphold Quran and some would behead anyone who insults this book. Unfortunately, it seems that 95% of the so called “Islamic” things they do (ex: hijab, rituals, festivals, circumcision, suppression of free thoughts, etc) to look like true Muslim are not even found in Quran. Similarly, atheists say they are all about science, but the way they approach it is not even close to what science is all about. One needs to understand that we don’t know everything. Science begs us to be open minded and think. But atheists would rather use thousand year old logic to cancel out the existence of God. They are closed minded just like the orthodox Sunnis. Even when using logic they show weakness. They say religions are violent. That makes me wonder why then we are still alive. And if we just use their logic we see that science is actually more violent for it has given us humans nuclear bombs which have been used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In truth, people kill people and almost anything that looks peaceful and noble today can be twisted for blood shedding simply because humans want someone else to do the thinking for them. That said, I have come to realize that nothing is fully supernatural. Sure Jesus was born of virgin. And the only reason why it appears to be supernatural is because science does not have answer for it. But probably, if we just try hard we may come to know someday how it happened. I thought very hard about the matter of atheism. Like what would happen if it becomes the main driving force in the world. Unfortunately, what I have found out is that it would be very peaceful because half of the people won’t be even alive within atheist regime. Couple of days ago, I was reading what the atheists had to say about Dawkin’s idea that it is immoral to bring a down syndrome affected child into the world. My tears began to fill up my face. The atheists were agreeing with him. One even said that as long as someone can contribute to the society he should be allowed to live.

JBsptfn said...

Brea, I agree with everything you wrote, but you lost me on the part where you said that science will have an answer for the Virgin Birth someday. I don't think so. Science is about hypothesis testing, not fact finding.

Read this. It will help you:

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