Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Atheist Cherry-Picking To The Extreme

Once more, I have for you a classic example of an Atheist putting up straw men arguments on his blog and ignoring the Biblical context of the passages he posts.

In a blog post titled "The Bible: Eat Babies", Stan Morris attempts poorly to convince an ignorant audience that God endorses cannibalism. His diatribe is found here:


I don't need to refute each individual point, because every verse he posted was taken out of biblical context. In fact, Mr. Morris didn't bother to inform the reader that the verses he cherry-picked were mostly warnings against the dire circumstances of losing God's protection through disobedience.

If God endorsed the eating of babies, why did He bother to send out prophets to warn His people that their cities would be besieged? The preface to this was their chasing after false idols and thumbing their noses at the God who brought them home from slavery.

Yet, even after all the punishments God's people endured, they were redeemed and set back in their rightful place.

This blog symbolizes the blatant intellectual dishonesty that feeds the Village Atheist's view of religion. Hatred of Christianity trumps an honest discussion of it.

Yet the Atheist calls the Believer "ignorant". Oh, the irony....

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