Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Atheist Cherry-Picking To The Extreme

Once more, I have for you a classic example of an Atheist putting up straw men arguments on his blog and ignoring the Biblical context of the passages he posts.

In a blog post titled "The Bible: Eat Babies", Stan Morris attempts poorly to convince an ignorant audience that God endorses cannibalism. His diatribe is found here:


I don't need to refute each individual point, because every verse he posted was taken out of biblical context. In fact, Mr. Morris didn't bother to inform the reader that the verses he cherry-picked were mostly warnings against the dire circumstances of losing God's protection through disobedience.

If God endorsed the eating of babies, why did He bother to send out prophets to warn His people that their cities would be besieged? The preface to this was their chasing after false idols and thumbing their noses at the God who brought them home from slavery.

Yet, even after all the punishments God's people endured, they were redeemed and set back in their rightful place.

This blog symbolizes the blatant intellectual dishonesty that feeds the Village Atheist's view of religion. Hatred of Christianity trumps an honest discussion of it.

Yet the Atheist calls the Believer "ignorant". Oh, the irony....

Monday, August 17, 2015

Fact-Based Initiative: Oxymoronic Atheism

I find the name Fact Based Initiative amusing for an Atheist's blog, since Atheism isn't based on established fact. But here's the site master giving us his opinions. I'll interject in bold italics as I see fit.


Dear Christians,
Let me share with you some perspective on what a closed-mind is.
Close-mindedness is not considering that you might be wrong.
That describes Atheism quite nicely, otherwise all Atheists would call themselves Agnostics. Maybe that's why "godless" is such a popular term. It's an attempt at intellectual honesty.
A closed-mind is a mind that knows someone who is and always has been very intelligent, who says he devoted great time to study a subject, but then rejects his findings and results because they don’t agree with you.
Or, maybe the Atheist fails to provide a convincing argument based on its merit.
I know you’re a believer and I was too. I respect you for having good intentions in your belief. You want to be a good person – so did I! What I didn’t realize until recently, though, is that you can’t be a truly good person by promoting a bigoted, mind-warping, nature denying and instinct condemning religion that is ENTIRELY man-made. It has ZERO influence from an all-knowing creator. Here is how I know:
So believing in and trying to be the good person Jesus wants me to be is impossible? My, how open-minded of Mr. Stan.
The Bible has so many contradictions, in numbers and figures alone, that it, at best, would have only PORTIONS of divine influence in it. Why would an all-knowing, all-powerful god put his wishes in the middle of incorrect information? Especially since there are over 4,000 other man-created religions just like this…
I just love those big numbers. Atheists are always claiming thousands of religions exist. The fact is, nobody really knows how many religions exist. Furthermore, a large number doesn't mean all of them are wrong. Obviously, with the number of people who believe in the supernatural, SOMETHING has propagated that belief outside of simple folklore. 
The Bible is scientifically impossible. Creation did not occur. Genesis didn’t happen. Not a chance. That means there is no sin. That means all the bull about “gay people are sinners” is just that – total BULL. Yet, Christians still eat pork, get tattoos and work on the Sabbath. Hypocritical.
Genesis isn't a scientific account, it's a supernatural one.
Jesus did works on the Sabbath and explained why the New Covenant no longer had a Sabbath requirement. Peter and Paul realized that the laws against the eating of unclean animals was relaxed at the time of Christianity's infancy. And I didn't realize that the laws for Levite Priests and ancient Hebrews applied to all Christians. Is Stan suggesting God should be hypocritical and deny conversion to the faith over some body art?
This is about making the world better. Heaven and hell aren’t real. I can’t tell you an afterlife doesn’t exist but I can tell you the Bible hasn’t been right about a single thing yet.
Historical discoveries disagree with that. The Bible has been a reliable source of information on the ancient world.
An open mind in communication with a closed-mind that reasonably rejects the closed-mind’s ideas may seem to be itself closed off but in reality, we’re like two kids at the fair and you jumped on the first ride you saw, telling me it was the best there. I’m the kid that rode all of the rides and know that the one you’re on isn’t the only one there. Nothing but love.
What a dumb analogy. Trying all 31 flavors of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream doesn't make you a better person then the guy who decided he prefers Baseball Nut or Cherry Royal. Mr. Stan here is calling the closed mind the one that rejects HIS ideas, while being in denial over the closure of his own mind.
This is a fine example of why I say "Atheists Say The Nuttiest Things."
You can find more of Stan's amusing ramblings here:

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Church Outreach Programs: Where Are The Atheists?

I was helping out an event my church sponsored this weekend. The church received donations and filled 100 book bags with school supplies. The supplies were for kids in Elementary schools. Anybody who needed one was given a bag. On top of that, there were inflatable joy jumpers, plus free snow cones, nachos, popcorn and bottled water for all.

It was a great event, and parents thanked us again and again because nowadays "free public school" has become an expensive affair for people on lower incomes. It's not like the good old days, when the school provided all needs. All that school funding must to go to more important things like adminstrators' pensions. But I digress.

The one thing missing from this event were the Atheists. Where were they? If they're so compassionate and concerned about people, why don't they ever show up and help out? We wouldn't turn them away. We love everyone in a non-judgmental fashion.

I guess atheists are too busy posting anti-Christian intolerance all over the internet to be bothered with making a difference in the lives of real people.

More's the pity. 'Nuff said.