Sunday, July 26, 2015

"There Is No Proof".... another Atheist Meme

Village Atheists are famous for saying "There is no proof for the existence of God." They'll even go so far as to say "There is no evidence of the existence of any gods."

Both of these statements are Bare Assertion fallacies which Atheists feel no need to defend because they claim that non-belief is the "default position." The fact is, from a logical standpoint, a lack of evidence doesn't disprove anything.

In the meantime, while believers are honest enough to admit they don't have absolute proof of God's existence beyond their own experience, there is a growing amount of evidence that shows biblical events are also historical. Since the Bible is the Christian's source book of knowledge about the faith, verifying its events lends more credibility about its understanding of God.

This year, a documentary was released, titled "Patterns Of Evidence" The Exodus." The film was 10 years in the making and challenges the 60 year old consensus that archaeology proves the Exodus didn't happen. By looking at the same archaeology, plus newer discoveries, a different conclusion can be reached.

Once again, the claim of "no evidence" isn't always the end-all, and Atheists need to get over the notion that Christians are ignorant and cling onto a groundless faith. The more we discover and learn, the more we can be assured that our faith does have outside support.

'Nuff said.


JBsptfn said...

Speaking of Exodus, here's a video from a You Tuber who says that it didn't happen, if that means anything:

Exodus didn't happen

It's just more crap in the You Tube atheist wasteland.

Logic Lad said...


So personal experience is sufficient evidence to prove the existence of an otherwise unknown thing? That is a very brave position to take. Is there anything that you don't believe in? I am sure that there are people who have had a personal experience of just about anything that can be imagined, does that mean you have to provide evidence to prove them wrong?

If you adopt the null hypothesis on any subject then you need to change your argument and present some actual evidence of the existence of any deity.

Proving that the people who wrote the bible may have blended some facts in with the fables does not prove the fables are true, unless you are going to accept that Harry Potter is a real person based on the existence of England, the city of London and Kings Cross train station.

As to the Exodus, does the utter lack of any contemporary written record not concern you? the Egyptians wrote a lot down and much of it seems to have survived, would not numerous supernatural plagues probably be worth recording somewhere?

Stoogie said...


Please don't bore us with the hackneyed Harry Potter argument when documentary evidence in the form of stone or clay steles seems to be acceptable to archaeologists when no other evidence exists.

The argument here is about the logic: "There is no evidence" is a truth claim that places a burden on the claimant. That's it.

Contemporary writings of the exodus would be a bit difficult with a nomadic people migrating to a northern territory, ya think?

Anonymous said...

Atheists claim that there is no evidence of God's existence, but they they have no proof that God doesn't exist. So why can't they just live and let live? Oh, that's right, because they're bigoted, arrogant, pretentious morons who think they're better than everyone else because "science". Atheism really doesn't have much to do with science. Atheists just say that atheism=science and "logic" and "facts" and "reason" to look smart, when they're not. Also, if God isn't real, why are atheists so obsessed with Him? Honestly, they talk more about God than even the most devout Christians! If He wasn't real, they wouldn't whine and cry about Christians. They wouldn't even care. They would just brush it off and move on with their lives. But no, they have to bully and shame people into joining their cult because they're so "perfect" and "smart" and everyone else in the world should be just like them! I'm so glad not everyone in the world is an idio- I mean, an atheist! The world is already cruel enough (mostly thanks to atheists), but if everyone was an atheist... I can't even BEGIN to imagine what a horrible world that would be! But thank God there are still people with morals and common sense in this world. (Yeah, that's right. Thank GOD! There is a God! Deal with it, atheists!)
Man, I love this blog! It's so refreshing to see someone call atheists out for their stupidity and bigotry. Keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

Atheists are brainwashed, psychotic, sociopaths. Atheism is cancer; It's the main cause of all the problems in the world. If atheists weren't such arrogant, delusional, ignorant, hateful, intolerant, judgmental, childish, irrational, narrow minded bigots the world would be a much MUCH better place. They're even more intolerant than any religious group they discriminate against on a daily basis. They just cannot stand ideas, opinions or beliefs that differ from their own in any way.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Atheists are too stupid to live! It amazes me how they've made it this far! If that isn't proof that miracles exist, I don't know what is. ROFLMBO! Whew! :'D

Anonymous said...

There is a God. Atheists know there is a God, they just WISH He didn't exist.

Anonymous said...

What proof do atheists have that there is no God? None. Proof that atheism is a faith-based religion.

At least Christians believe in facts and evidence, while atheists deny facts and evidence when it suits them and their stupid, bulls*** beliefs.