Sunday, April 12, 2015

Was Jesus Really A Liberal?

I read comments from Left Wing Liberals all the time, claiming that Jesus was a "liberal" (which is funny,
coming from people that deny Jesus' existence and who call believers fools). I'm assuming this is based on Jesus' notoriety as a compassionate person who helped the poor and sick, which is what modern liberals claim they're are all about.

However, there is one big difference between Jesus and the present-day Left-Winger: Jesus actually lived what He taught and he physically served the needy as an example to others. Your average Liberal thinks he or she are doing their part by voting for "Progressive" representatives who will support taxpayer funded public welfare programs for which everyone is compelled to "chip in".

I've searched the Bible and I have yet so see a command from Jesus to "go forth and create massive entitlement programs and use 50% of all the funding to cover the administrative costs." Yet, it is goal of Progressives to see private charity become obsolete and the Government hold the monopoly on

In times past, people tithed to their churches, and the churches distributed to the needy. The church was accountable to its members.

The modern Liberal expects everybody to tithe a piece of their paycheck to an agency which demands more money every year and is accountable to virtually no one. This what they call "compassion", and if you are critical of Government welfare then you "hate the poor".

Jesus never intended for Man to circumvent God in either the motivation or the mechanism for caring for the poor and sick.

Jesus was nothing close to what a modern liberal is today.

"Nuff said.

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JBsptfn said...

Speaking of Jesus, here's another article dealing with him that has a leftist slant:

Patheos: Resurrection is real, but not how you think

I am not a right or left-wing (I am a centrist), so I don't like to pick on either side exclusively, but I don't understand how the left always has to compromise the truth of Christianity and write things like this.