Sunday, April 19, 2015

Atheism IS A Belief, Simply Explained

Atheists are insistent that Atheism is non-belief or non-faith. Philosophically, this is illogical.

For the statement "God exists" (GE) to be true, "God doesn't exist" (GE-not) would be the opposite and untrue.

For GE to be not true, GE-not would have to be true. That makes GE-not a positive assertion, subject to the same burden of proof as GE.

Atheists counter with "You can't prove a negative. That's illogical." DING! That's the very atheistic definition of "faith"... believing in things you can't prove.

The Atheist will counter, "but belief in non-existence is the 'default position'".


Agnosticism or ignorance is. Atheism is a stand which claims the polar opposite, theism, is false.

Atheism is a positive truth claim, and not an end in itself.

It is all explained quite simply in four essays by a philosopher. Check it out:

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Anonymous said...

Atheism is a self-contradiction. Forcing atheism down your kids' throats is bad for them because it turns them into whiny bullies who attack religious people 24/7 for no reason other than the fact that they have different beliefs, then turn around and complain about "secularphobia" and blame everyone else except for themselves when people dislike them. It's hilariously ironic, though, because the big bang theory, evolution, and atheism in general are all fairytales for children, but like I said, atheism turns kids (and adults too, for that matter) into whiny bullies. Atheism is like The Cat in the Hat movie: it's stupid, boring, illogical, pointless, it makes no sense, and it's for impressionable children, but at the same time, it's inappropriate for children. It's weird...