Friday, April 18, 2014

Atheists and the Tyranny of the Minority

Here we go, again. It's business as usual for the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Their 2 latest "victories":

1. Threatening city of Pismo Beach, California with a civil suit unless they ended their practice of beginning city council meetings with an invocation, and

2. Filing a suit against Clemson College for leading their football team in prayer before games.

I'm personally tired of Atheists forcing their unhappiness on others simply because as a group they appear to be intolerant of anybody that believes in God.

If the FFRF wanted to make a real difference in our world, they'd take that money they waste on petty lawsuits and donate it to food banks instead.

It would make a much better impression on kid to fill his belly than to tell him he can't pray on a public schoolground.

Atheists, in their self-interest, fail to get the bigger picture.

It's all about tolerance.

Why can't Atheists be the example by displaying some?

'Nuff said.