Saturday, March 15, 2014

Atheists STILL don't get it!

I have proposed many times online that Atheism is in fact a faith-based, non-religious belief system.

And, all too often, an Atheist will try to correct me by pointing out that Atheism is a lack of belief.

What the Atheist doesn't get is this:

How does one know for sure there is no God? If you have no way of proving there are no gods, or  that the very existence of gods isn't even possible, than all you have is a belief that gods don't exist.

To simply claim Atheism is a mere "lack of belief" isn't intellectually honest. If I chose not to believe in gravity, would that eliminate gravity's existence?

"But there is evidence for gravity", the Atheist would say, "and none for gods."

How does the Atheist know there is no evidence? What about the undiscovered?

The fact is, evidence and truth are 2 different things. Evidence can only lead to the truth, which is there whether or not evidence points to it.

LACK of belief in the existence of gods exist is simply a consensus by some that there are no gods. A consensus is simply accepted upon faith, based on what some have observed or not observed. A consensus is arrived at when absolute proof can't be determined, such as with the controversy over man-made climate change.

It's simple logic, but Atheists don't like admitting that they could be wrong. Instead, they play the Condescension Card and treat me like an amiable dolt without thinking of the implications of what I'm saying.

That's what happens when you approach their comfort zones and kick over a beehive.

"Nuff said.