Thursday, November 21, 2013

Another Hollow "Victory" For Atheists

The American (In)Humanist Association threatens to sue schools for participating in the "operation Christmas Child" program:

Operation Christmas Child is a program that collects shoe boxes filled with treats, small toys, school supplies, and even articles of clothing to needy children in 3rd World countries.

Some charter Schools had been participating in this program for years, until one disgruntled Atheist parent got wind of it and complained to the AHA. His letter to the AHA contained this gem:

“The boxes of toys are essentially a bribe, expressly used to pressure desperately poor children living in developing countries to convert to Christianity, and are delivered with prayers, sermons, evangelical tracts and pressure to convert,” read a letter the AHA sent to Mathews.

"Pressure to convert?" Really? What does this guy think? Does he think the workers wave the shoebox in front of the kid and say:

"Sorry, kid, you have to recite the Sinner's Prayer before you get the surprise!"

Well pardon me, but I don't see any atheists collecting boxes of gifts to some of the worst places on earth, so that a desperately poor kid can have a few things. I do see a number of Atheists sitting on their ample bottoms, making sure that Christians have a more difficult time taking boxes of gifts to some of the worst places on earth, so that a desperately poor kid can have a few things.

The AHA sent a spokesperson to Fox News to explain their excuse for threatening the schools with lawsuits, which of course, was the usual distortion of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The Fox anchorwoman asked the AHA spokesman if the AHA had an answer for all those kids who may not get gifts, now that some of the Operation Christmas Child participants were shut down. The AHA spokesperson replied that the AHA supports secular programs like Toys For Tots.

Last time I checked, Toys For Tots didn't deliver gifts in Brazilian ghettos or war-torn southern Africa.

But that's not AHA's problem, is it?


JBsptfn said...

Atheists are really starting to make me sick now. What you talked about is a reason. Also, Peter Boghossian's A Manual For Creating Atheists is another:

Atheist Watch: Entry about Manual for Creating Atheists

On that entry, check out the links that are in blue in the comments section. I sent Metacrock links to Amazon reviews of Boghossian's book (the one-star and two-star comments).

This Boghossian guy actually wants faith in the Christian god to be classified as a mental illness.

Anonymous said...

The guy is totally right. You can't be giving people aid on the pretext that they will convert to your religion. Why can't you just give someone donations without sticking your nose in to how they live their lives?

Stoogie said...


How we lives is why we give the gifts.

I don't see any atheists gathering showboxes for children in 3rd World countries.

Now, thanks to an Atheist, some kids may not a gift.

If you guys are going to pull these stunts then yoou should be willing to take up the slack.

yonose said...

Anonymous Coward is a member of the secular prosperity cults. The Amway of Capital "A" A-theism. A Dawkinite.

Logic Lad said...


What is this distortion of the first amendment that you are talking about?


Having read the link i believe what the author said was that the religious exemption for mental illness diagnosis should be removed, ie if you say you are seeing visons it should not matter wether they are aliens or angels both are a symptom of something wrong. Currently visions of aliens gets you a psych evaluation and visions of angels get you beatified

Tor Hershman said...

The Bible = Talkin' Donkeys.

Stoogie said...


Until you can prove without a reasonable doubt that neither God nor angels exist, there is absolutely no reason to declare God belief a mental problem. As I have said many times, if you're going to call faith in God a mental illness, then you just diagnosed 3/4ths of the world's population as crazy.
I find it hard to believe that the only "rational ones" in our world spend so much useless time trying to stamp out any vestige of religious belief, instead of stepping up to the plate and doing things like sending shoeboxes of necessities to the world's desperately poor.
It seems the "crazy ones" do more good than the "rational ones".
Go figure.

Stoogie said...


The Bible = verified history and food drives for the desperately poor.

Atheism = sniping uselessly about religion and doing nothing to help the poor.

JBsptfn said...

I don't think that believing in God is a mental problem. I was just sharing that link.

To Logic Lad and Tor: I love your little childish comments. Keep them up (lol). You should be on CARM and with the other atheist "luminaries".

Stoogie said...

I apologize, JB, I was rushing when I posted that. Thanks for understanding.

JBsptfn said...

You're Welcome.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Atheists are disgusting. They are nothing more than a severely brainwashed cult. Atheism really is a religion... a religion of hatred, intolerance, arrogance, ignorance, bigotry, and violence.