Sunday, August 11, 2013

Atheists and Bragging Online

In internet forums, it is common for the local Atheist to claim, "We Atheists don't need a god to tell us to good things, we just do good things on our own."

I might respond with something like: "Okay, what good deed have you done?"

Most of the time, the response is " I do good things" or else nothing, followed by the sound of chirping crickets (Ok, I'm being a smarty pants).

Atheists, it's time to come through. If you have hours on end to hunt down blogs like mine, and leave snarky comments behind, then you have 5 minutes to log into a website like UNICEF site and make a 5 dollar donation through Paypal.

Or, go to a park or beach during a planned cleanup, give the community an hour of your precious time and pick up trash.

Or donate some school supplies at your nearest Office Depot store.

Or mow your senior citizen neighbor's lawn.

Get the picture?

But don't sit there on your ample booty, log into my blog, dump a half page retort loaded with links you spent hours hunting down all over the web, and then tell me how much better you are than I am.

Talk is cheap. If you're better than I, prove it through positive action.