Monday, July 8, 2013

Fascism Is Alive And Well With Atheist Crowd

Once more, that wonderful atheist activist non-profit organization, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is  taking its Wisconsin liberal political views and shoving them down other peoples' throats.

This time, they got mad at Ball State University letting assistant Physics professor Eric Hedin discuss the limits of science and the proposition of Intelligent Design as an argument.

Remember, this is a university, and it was an honors course... completely voluntary attendance.

You know how this works. Some atheist either attended the seminar or else heard about it from another atheist, and then complained to the FFRF to put a stop to this terrible injustice.

It is not a course on Intelligent Design, but even mentioning this taboo subject is so offensive to thin-skinned atheists, that they must immediately hunt down an attorney to make sure this horrendous crime against humanity is stopped dead.

Atheists like to call themselves "freethinkers", yet they seem to take great joy in limiting the expression of politically incorrect ideas in the public arena. How can a person arrive at a decision on something if "freethinkers" effectively censor ideas that they find offensive?

Evidently freedom of thought is just a thin disguise over fascism, as propagated by liberals who will not tolerate opposing points of view.

So you atheists think Intelligent Design is intellectual doo-doo? Fine. Let the subject be discussed. If you liberals are all for an open forum of ideas, then LET THE IDEAS BE PRESENTED and let the hearers make their own judgement as to the merit of those ideas.

THAT is what a free exchange is all about.

Grow up, atheists.

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Logic Lad said...


Based on what you have written here i would agree with you.

If this was a voluntary university level course then introducing ID to asses it's value could be worthwhile. It is still bunkum but the only way you get to see how weak a hypothesis it is is by reviewing the actual evidence and arguments.

Though such a course should be being taught by a biologist, not a physicist, ID is after all a theory about the origins and development of life.