Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yes, Hyberbole Can Be Fun!

....Especially if you're a Village Atheist. Here's what one posted online:

A scientist will read thousands of books in his lifetime but still think he has alot (sic) more to learn...

A religious person will barley read one book and think they know it all...

Gee, I wonder if this guy ever heard of a Christian book store? Christians encourage reading, in fact, Christians encourage a LOT of reading.

What would be really refreshing is if more Atheists actually READ the Bible before lecturing the rest of us on what is contained within it. Although Atheists love to claim that they are more familiar with the Bible than the rest of us, it's obvious through the ignorant comments they make that they really aren't.

More's the pity.


JBsptfn said...

Now I know how Al Bundy felt when he talked to Kelly.

Stop the Atheist Insanity!!!!

Anonymous said...

There you thesis go again not reading. CNN did a study of who know more about religion and atheist were more more informed about religions than any thesis of all faiths. Look it up.

Stoogie said...


There you go again, assuming Christians don't read. I've seen the survey. It's actually from Pew, not CNN. One of your fellows tried to throw this at me a while back, and here's my response, from my blog entry titled This Picture Sums It Up Nicely :

"...I've seen the Pew survey. Did you bother to look at the particulars? The article you quoted is GENERAL religious knowledge, where Atheists and Jews scored higher. Where it comes to Christianity and the Bible, white evangelicals (of which I am one) scored the highest, followed by mainline Protestants and Mormons. THAT is the focus of my point and the picture I posted. Perhaps you should actually dig deeper into a subject than just posting a superficial NPR blog post and then condescendlingly spouting off about my ignorance. You're welcome to debate me about my faith INCLUDING general knowledge any time you like. Bring it on."

You should have read the actual survey before you came here and made a fool of yourself.

Consider it a "teachable moment".

Anonymous said...

Well congratulations to you for knowing more about your religion than most "regular" theists. Regardless, the Bible is a book of horrors and "lovely" fables. And that is it. I've read a good portion of the Bible, have you read "God is Not Great....How Religion Poisons Everything""........I mean fair is fair. Of course you are entitled to live your life based on a book 2000 years old......I will live an atheist life searching for evidence and proof.

Stoogie said...


Many atheists claim to have read the Bible, yet all they can pull out are a few OT verses that any Sunday Schooler would know.

Chris Hitchens' mother had an affair with a clergyman and then committed suicide. Hitchens never recovered from this, as evidenced by hatred for religion.

Yet, he admitted his respect for classicals works by people like Michaengelo, Thomas Aquinas, and J.S. Bach, so in reality religion DOESN'T poison everything.

If you want to base your life on a book by a bitter man who contradicted himself, be my guest.

Psstttt... I look for evidence, too.

Try to remember that next time you drop a gem in blog like mine.

JBsptfn said...

This "anonymous" person is an example of the "winners" that are exchristian.net. Here is an example: