Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pretzel Logic Debunked... Again

Here's what happens when a Village Atheist throws a bunch of non-related concepts into the intellectual blender:

Copied from the Craigslist Religion Forum:

Christianity debunked in 3 easy lessons:

1. What sort of good parent would punish their children the way God did for a simple act of disobedience encouraged by an older and wiser being (Satan). The other explanation is that they ate from the tree of knowledge and this made them mortal humans, But that is simply symbolic of the period when Apes' minds evolved into human minds. Nothing to do with Christianity.

Why would Genesis, a book that described the creation of man in a single one of God's days, allude to the evolution of apes to men? Adam and Eve were humans, not apes. There is nothing in the Genesis account that points to the evolution of thought. Eve was deceived by a serpent and then she convinced Adam to join her in disobedience. That's it. Nothing else is inferred.

2. What sort of good God would murder EVERY life form on the planet except the ones on Noah's ark? And even IF Noah was the only good man on Earth, why save his family? The Ark could have only housed 700 pairs of animals at most if they took the young and smallest. And the people would have had trouble keeping up with just cleaning and feeding of them. At LEAST 4000 pairs would have been need to produce the diversity we have now. Common sense tells us we are all not decendents of Noah.

Problem #1: killing an animal isn't murder unless you're some extremist animal rights activist.

The issue is, the The Great Flood was a supernatural event ordered by a sueprnatural being. The purpose of The Flood was to destroy evil humans, not animals. If God is able to flood and teh dry out the Earth, then he's able to restore human and animal diversity. Also, Noah saved only land based creatures. Obviously most aquatic creatures had nothing to fear from The Flood. The only argument worth putting up is either that The Flood occurred or it didn't. mental wrangling is useless here and proves nothing.

3. Jesus was supposed to be the PERFECT sacrifice. Putting aside the concept that a blood sacrifice accomplishes nothing and is just an ancient superstition; IF the Jesus sacrifice were perfect, humanity would have been immediately returned to paradise. So either Jesus wasn't perfect or the mythological "carrot" of a future return was held out by preachers in order to gain a following.

The Atheist here needs to read the Bible before lecturing on it.

Jesus was the perfect sacrifice because He ended all need for animal sacrifice, which was only a shadow of the Ultimate Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I f animal sacrifice was useless, then YHWH wouldn't have ordered it and set specific guidelines for sacrifices.

There is nothing in the Bible that even suggests that the Sacrifice of Jesus should return man to his immortal perfect state. before the fall of man, man had committed no sin. Only sinless beings can be perfect beings. Jesus died to save man from the sins men commit. As such, men are not perfect and perfection was not restored simply through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Atheists need to read the Bible in whole passages, in context, and then argue against the Bible on its own merits, versus cherry-picking and throwing red herrings into the argument.

I always get a laugh when someone like this 'debunks' Christianity in 'easy steps', then trips over their own toes after making a condescending entry.

'Nuff said.


Thesauros said...

Thank you.
God Bless.
See you There!

JBsptfn said...

Oh, brother. It just gets better and better, doesn't it?

It wasn't the time to return to Paradise yet. Those people are so clueless. The word needed to be spread around the world, and Jesus probably knew that would take a very long time (maybe thousands of years).

JBsptfn said...

Also, in Daniel, when he prophesies about Jesus's sacrifice in chapter 9, it doesn't say anything about the earth returning to paradise after that happens.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you certainly have drank the Kool Aid. If us atheists say the nuttiest things, you say the most bat s&@t craziest things. I will just comment on Noah. A) if he floods the entire world, animals will die and that pales in comparison to wiping out the entire human population (infants, toddlers and young children were ALL evil? And every single adult was wicked and evil?) Give me a break. that is one cruel, murderous, unpowerful God. By the way, God, how did all of that ridding the world of evil and wicked all work out for you? Oh, that's right it didn't! Evil and wicked all around us!!! If he was God, why not just make these people not evil and skip the whole flood scene and the innocent killing of all living beings. BTW - he did need to worry about are aware of fresh and saltwater fish, aren't you? Your assertions that say God just remade all of life after the flood is not based on anything in your Bible. You're making stuff up, which if you believe in the Bible you have to to make any sense out of it (if that is possible). Real easy answer to the one point you think is worthy of debate (since arguing the other nonsense wouldn't do any good) NO, the flood never happened.....a horrific fable taught to children about their good friend Noah.

Stoogie said...


Comparatively speaking: are you also against the bombing of Germany in WWII? Was every person in Germany evil, or did they collectively carry the weight of Germany's sin because they voted Hitler into power?

God listened to Lot concerning the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and saved the few good ones that existed. Anybody else who was complicit in evil was punished. What good is it for God to make rules if they aren't enforced?

Children don't understand sin. They are innocent and go to heaven.

An omnipotent and omnipresent God knows who's evil and who's good.

I think someone as powerful as God would know how to handle the fresh water/saltwater fish issue.

And yes, there is scientific evidence of a major catastrophic flood that occurred in the are where the Old Testament lore originated.

Please stop assuming all Christians are idiots. It a common misconception among atheists like you.