Monday, February 18, 2013

Hey, Didja Know Teaching Creationism Is Child Abuse?

The latest stupid argument fomented by the Atheist Thought Police can be found right here:

The new spokesman for the Atheist Left is Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss, who has decided that teaching anything that challenges scientific theory, based on who is making the challenge, is child abuse.

In fact, if you teach the basic tenets of your faith to your kids, and those tenets don't accept Mr. Krauss's ideas as fact, you're just like the Taliban... you know, those guys who hold public beheadings in soccer stadiums and sponsor worldwide terrorism.

Let's ignore that fact that there are college professors, doctors, scientists, and lawyers who believe in God. Atheists have decided if you teach your kids that anything in the Bible is fact, you've destined them to be drooling idiots, doomed to a life of janitorial or warehouse work. You don't believe me? Then believe the HuffPo article I linked to.

So what's next? Now that Atheists are calling creationism "child abuse", will there be attempts to have parents jailed for teaching their family's faith to their kids? Is your local Child Protective Services agent going to show up at your front door with a court order to place your kids in foster care (presumably with non-religious foster parents)? When an outspoken Atheist like Lawrence Krauss (an American who grew up in Canada) uses words like "child abuse", is he suggesting that the State circumvent the alienable fundamental right of everyone to practice their faith? Is this the kind of totalitarianism Atheists are willing to embrace in order to make their beliefs (and I do mean beliefs) the only beliefs shared in the public arena?

What do you expect when they liken Believers to terrorists?

Centuries ago, certain sects of the Church committed what people commonly know as The Inquisition. It was actually a means to gain and hold political power over the ignorant masses, as well as to control information and the arts and sciences. Atheists still compare modern day Christians to the Inquisitors, yet in suggesting that teaching Creationism is "child abuse", the Atheists themselves are becoming modern day counterparts to the people they ridicule.

Atheists have become the subject of the old adage, "We mock what we're to become."

Are Christians becoming the new pagans and Atheists the new Inquisitors? Just look at what Lawrence Krauss said in the interview that was cited by the HuffPo article:

“Sure, it is mild child abuse, but it is [child abuse],” Krauss said. “We need to encourage our children to question freely and try to think for themselves. Anything we do that counters that is unfair to them.”

Unless they choose to question science. After all, Creationism IS the challenge to Naturalism, and if you had your way, Professor Krauss, it would be completely squelched, the way Tomas de Torquemada tried to silence all dissidence against the Church.

While Atheists try to portray Christians as a danger to society, they think the rest of us are too stupid to see their brand of totalitarianism, masked as "science education".

Don't get me wrong. I don't have a problem with teaching science.I have a problem with preaching dogma under duress, and punishing parents for exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

Atheists seem to have overlooked this, however, as their narcissism keeps getting in the way.


JBsptfn said...

Lawrence Krauss? Mr. 2+2=5 Atheist genius(that is an oxymoron, by the way)? Oh, geez.

They love their Atheist Failympics. That goes on 365 days a year just like my cousin's neighbor's Garage Sale used to when they were growing up.

Anonymous said...

It seems like you have no interest in reasonable discussion. You speak with the sarcasm and hysterics of a child and misrepresent our position entirely. But that goes without saying considering the title of your blog. I pray that you learn the virtues of perspective, humility and open-mindedness.

Stoogie said...

Do you think teaching your faith to children is abusing them? Then, why do I need to be open-minded to such a silly assertion?

In case you have forgotten, our position is that God exists, and even the Bible says in Proverbs that a non-believer is a fool.

The internet is a worldwide battleground of ideas, and right now, there are people posting pictures of our Savior riding dinosaurs, engaging in homosexual acts, and molesting children. The people that publish this tripe aren't interested in a reasonable discussion. They prove that when they dump profanity-laden attacks in my comments box.

Therefore, the response is to make them logically justify the garbage they spew, or to call them out as fools like Solomon did.

I'm sorry if this offends you, but someone has to be willing answer the illogical and bald-faced lies that so many atheists try to pass off as truth.

That person is me.

JBsptfn said...

I agree. There is a user on Facebook by the name of SexyAtheist, and he was posting ignorant things putting down Jesus with no thought put into it.

So, Anonymous, you are wrong. We understand your position. We understand it very well. Your position is that you are right no matter what, Christians are wrong no matter what, Science is God, and Theology is stupid (even though you usually don't read it. You people just make strawman arguments).