Monday, January 28, 2013

How To Make An Atheist Really Mad

Tell him/her to logically defend his/her comments.

For example, when an Atheist calls a believers fools and informs you that "there is no evidence for God", tell the atheist to show proof that there is no evidence.

If an Atheist makes a statement like the one I just posted, the  Atheist  should be ready to present data supporting the argument.

A truly ignorant person will holler back you: "You can't prove a negative!" Ask that person how they know for sure that no evidence exists.

What I find to be a common thread among anti-theistic antagonists is that they think they have all the answers and they're not compelled to support them with facts.

Or, in some cases, they'll just throw links to websites like evilbible or jesusneverexisted.

I have found that most Atheists on the internet want to lecture. They seldom want to discuss. When you press them to logically support their opinions, and you point out their illogic, they get nasty and eventually go ballistic.

Remember, these guys are supposed to be the adults in the room.

 Remind them to act like adults.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Common Thread Among Village Atheists

Village Atheists want to post anything they like about Christians and their faith on a website or a blog, whether or not they even bothered to find out if there's any truth to what they post.

So, when somebody like me comes along and challenges what they say, the get mad.

Sometimes they get REALLY mad.

I've flushed many comments to this blog over the years because somebody named "anonymous" threw a fit and hurled f-bombs at me.

Remember, Atheists are supposed to be the "mature adult in the room".

Village Atheists: if you don't like being called out on your web activities, then I suggest you shut up.

Monday, January 21, 2013

INSULT ALERT: New Derogatory Name For The Bible

Village Atheists are well known for spreading puerile comments and making up insulting names for Christians. Their favorite term for the Bible is the "Wholly Babble".

Well, boys and girls, there's a new one out there for the Bible:

"The Holy Binky".

Actually, it's kind of cute and made me chuckle.

If only these poor lonely atheists focused their creativity on something useful.

But what do you expect from bored people who spend way too much of their time behind a computer?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This Poor Atheist Overlooked Something...

Posted in a religion forum:

to me, this is church (Link to Bach's 'Air On A G String')

there is more peace in this one piece of music than you will ever
find reading and re-reading the same dusty pages of your flawed bibles. 
this is perfection, and it was brought to you by a human being. it is 
a triumph over the flaws and failures of the supposed books that 
were handed to us by god himself. it is a wordless painting that
defies any attempts at bastardizing and diminishing it. one can 
not use this to his own advantage. it simply exists.

The Atheist who posted this seemed ignorant of the fact that Johann Sebastian Bach was a devout Lutheran who taught the catechisms to children in his spare time. I guess it didn't occur to Mr. Atheist here that the composer of this wordless painting may have gotten his inspiration from the "dusty pages of a flawed Bible".

This "triumph" he talks about came from a genius who believed in the Christian God.

Need I say more?