Sunday, November 25, 2012

This Picture Sums It Up Nicely....

'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Wow. You spend so many words essentially calling atheists intolerant ignorants, and then you come up with this picture.

Please read this N.P.R. article about a Pew survey, indicating that atheists actually know more about religion than the religious people themselves. Why?

Because they consciously think about their religion or lack therof, while actualy religious people put less thought towards their faith.

Enjoy the short article. :)

Stoogie said...


"Ignorants" is not a plural use of the word "ignorant". A smart person like you should know this.

I've seen the Pew survey. Did you bother to look at the particulars?

The article you quoted is GENERAL religious knowledge, where Atheists and Jews scored higher.

Where is comes to Christianity and the Bible, white evangelicals (of which I am one) scored the highest, followed by mainline Protestants and Mormons.

THAT is the focus of my point and the picture I posted.

Perhaps you should actually dig deeper into a subject than just posting a superficial NPR blog post and then condescendlingly spouting off about my ignorance.

You're welcome to debate me about my faith INCLUDING general knowledge any time you like.

Bring it on.