Friday, November 23, 2012

Atheist War on Christmas? Nawwwww....

Score another point for unhappy atheists.

This time it happened in Santa Monica, California.

For 60 years the City of Santa Monica allowed local religious groups to put up holiday displays in Santa Monica's Palisades park. There were a total of 21 spaces made available for these, which traditionally featured Nativity scenes or Hunakkah decorations.

That was until 2009, when Damon Vix, an atheist, won a bid to get one of the spots, where he put up a sign with an anti-religious quote by Thomas Jefferson.

Vix encouraged other atheist groups to do the same until atheists won 18 of the 21 available spots.

Huffington Post described it like this:

LOS ANGELESThere's no room for the baby Jesus, the manger or the wise men this Christmas in a Santa Monica park following a judge's ruling Monday against churches that tried to keep a 60-year Nativity tradition alive after atheists stole the show with anti-God messages

Unfortunately, local people didn't take too kindly to having their religious traditions assaulted and responded by vandalizing or destroying the atheist signs.

The City of Santa Monica took the easy way out of this and banned all displays from the park that are unattended. Local Christian groups filed a discrimination suit against the City, but a judge ruled that the reason for banning all displays was aesthetic and not anti-religious.

The fact is, atheists have proven once more that they are a loud minority with very thin skins. It is a sad thing to see local municipalities continue to knuckle under to this kind of tyranny.

Perhaps atheist organizations should change their logo from the symbol of the atom to a picture of a baby having a tantrum. Or perhaps the swastika, the ultimate symbol of intolerance.

The whole article can be found here, including pictures of the ugly signs the atheist groups polluted the park with:

Thanks, atheists, for once more refusing to show the tolerance you demand from everyone else.