Sunday, September 2, 2012

Keep Your Religion Out Of My Life!

I hear that from atheists again and again.

The latest one I read on a religion forum was "If Christians keep their religion out of my life, I'll keep my scorn out of theirs."


The guy was in a religion forum making condescending attacks on religion. I guess he was 'forced' to go there because somebody mentioned God in his presence?

Atheists on the internet are hypersensitive individuals who go online to vent. For example, a lot of them are angry because currency has the name of God printed on it.

I  like to remind those complainers, "No worries. Nowadays most cash is transferred electronically by debit cards. You don't need to carry around any money. Yay, science!

It always cracks me up when atheists on the internet claim to be on some kind of "crusade", when all they're doing is sitting behind a computer and griping. If they're trying to "deprogram" believers, they're not doing a very good job.

In fact, Atheists, for all their talk about trying to free people from the "mental shackles" of god belief, are some of the most polarizing people you'll ever find on the internet. They rip into Christians for bullying people with threats of hell while being bullies themselves. Not too smart, brainiacs.

Why is it that I have to keep my religion out of someone's life, but they don't have to keep their anti-theism out of mine? Somehow, telling somebody "God bless you" is a huge offense, but I'm expected to shut up when some prime time television show uses my Savior's name in vain? Gee, folks, where's the equality here?

Yet, as I mention this, I wouldn't be surprised if a half dozen of you atheists piped up and told me not be such a whiner.

Get a clue, Village Atheists: You want tolerance? Be the example and show some.

'Nuff said.


JBsptfn said...

I just love the way Atheists throw the word religion around.

Jesus didn't come to this earth to start a new religion. He came to fix a broken relationship. He is the answer to religion.

So, as one who believes in Christ, my faith is more about confidence in something true(the word faith was actually pistis in the Greek, which is trust or confidence), and not about man-made legalism, like the Pharisees(the people that actually murdered Christ) were into.

Alejandro Rodríguez said...

Now that you mentioned how "God bless you" is offensive (alongside other non-offensive stuff like nativity scenes) I don't see christians complaining when anti-theists or just people in general throw around Jesus' name as a swear like "Jesus F**** Christ man" or "OMFG" so...

Stoogie said...

We DO complain, Alejandro, but it usually falls on deaf ears. People enjoy being offensive. Smacking around believers is politically correct, didja know?