Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another Gem Among Stupid Atheist Quotes

History teaches us that no other cause has brought more death than the word of god.
-Giulian Buzila

I guess Mr. Buzila never heard of the Communist Revolutions of the 20th Century, that killed an estimated hundred million people.

However, that isn't too surprising if you were to do an internet search on "Guilian Buzila".

I was expecting to find a college professor or a writer of some reknown in left-wing wine sipping circles. Instead, the only Giulian Buzila I could dig up was a chef somewhere in Los Angeles.

So are Atheist blogs and websites now quoting the observations of a chef as if he were an expert on religion and history?

I doubt it highly.

I'm willing to bet that it's completely bogus, a quote made up by some guy on the internet and credited to the most unusual name he could dig up.

More's the pity.

This quote is on dozens of atheist websites and blogs. Somebody is even festooning hoodies and T-shirts with this. Atheists are supposed to be the smart ones, the "brights". Does it ever occur to them to fact-check what they post on their websites?

The Atheist response will most likely be, "Big deal, the quote is still true".

REALLY? The word of God killed more people then Lenin, Stalin, and Mao? Are we expected to believe that when it would have meant the elimination of the entire population of Europe?

Once again, intellectual dishonesty rules Village Atheism, and a silly, made-up quote stands as evidence.


Alejandro Rodríguez said...

Just to stir up things more. In 20th century Spain, the Republicans killed some 6,000 priests in the Red Terror, this led to support to the nationalists which led to Franco, one of the worst dictatorships of the last century. Sure, his was a theocracy, but a theocracy that was brough to power due to extreme secular and anti-religious violence.

Anonymous said...

well, about 209 million have died in the name of Communism. Some 62 million died during World War II, civilian and military, on all sides.
As for religious wars, The numbers are hazy, of course, when we’re speaking about conflicts hundreds or thousands of years ago when death tallies were not a priority or of mild interest like they are today. but in short about 809 million have died in religious wars, Religion poisons everything.

Stoogie said...


The reason the death numbers in religious wars are 'hazy" is because bodies weren't counted on the battlefield. Your 809 million figure is grossly exaggerated, however, due to actual estimated world populations.

Communist governments dwarfed the numbers of deaths caused by religious wars; that is proven by a little book full of dry figures called "Death By Government".

"Religion poisons everything"? Quoting the late Mr. Hitchens, of course. Unfortunately, some of the greatest works of art, music, and literature, which Hitchens himself admitted having great admiration for, were inspired by Christianity.

The subtitle of his own book was something Hitchens himself contradicted.

Oh, the irony.

Rebecca Tingley said...

Giulian Buzila is my husband, a chef in Los Angeles. He wrote that sentence in his thesis. He has a masters in Education with a concentration in History. I'm glad his opinions stir controversy and discourse!

Stoogie said...
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Stoogie said...

Mrs. Buzila:

It amazes me that a man with a Masters in Education would have made such a faux pax.

Kavod Andkaved said...

Actual history teaches us that no other cause has brought more death than the need or desire for land or resources currently in somebody else's possession.

Atheists famously like to bring up Northern Ireland, completely oblivious that that conflict began when both sides were Catholic. Religion was clearly not the cause. Did it eventually become a convenient shorthand for differentiating the English from the Irish? To be sure it did, but if that had not been available some other thing would have been found, like language.

What this quote teaches us is that if you say things atheistic professors like to hear, they will give you a masters even if your sloppy reasoning shouldn't merit you one.

Stoogie said...


That was brilliant. The other takeaway is, "Don't get your Philosophy lessons from a cook."