Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Dumb Atheist Cartoon

What is it with Atheists and their condescending, lame internet pictures? We get to see Zombie Jesus, or the Lord riding a dinosaur... and then this gem:

Sad, truly sad.

Not only was the artist putting forth the same tired Arguments from Silence, but even the Bible verse the artist cited is nothing related to the artists's point. The artist just picked something from the air.

Mark 4:13 cites Jesus telling a parable. Perhaps the atheist who came up with this kind of fluff would do better to at least try and cite GENESIS, which had to do with creation?



Anonymous said...

As something of an atheist myself, (although I do believe in God, I don't believe in god the way that humans seem to comprehend him/her/it)

I find it funny that your argument against atheism... is from the bible. Besides, whoever drew the cartoon did not choose that particular bible verse for any reason. They just chose a random verse. Which is a bit shallow. But not grounds to say that atheist's don't know what they're talking about.

Stoogie said...


I believe the Bible is the word of God. Of course I'll include it in argument against atheism.

The point of the post is to show that atheists' mockery of the Bible is silly and puerile.

Anonymous said...

Those know-it-all either have vision problem or brain defect. They love distorting the bible. I may be an agnostic with an inclination towards deism, but I find the militant atheists' cleverer -than-thou attitude insufferable. But I also find
Young earth scientists weird when Genesis 1 can easily be seen as a synopsis of the big bang and evolution. That is why I still hold the theory that man was actually very advance before the last ice age.

Stoogie said...

Thanks for being civil, Anonymous.

What do you think of Old Earth Creationism?

What do you think of Intelligent Design?