Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh Noes! Churches Fed High School Football Players!

It's time for another hissy fit by American Atheists' retarded cousins, the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

This time, it's over meals being provided to a High School football team by a church:

The Wisconsin based FFRF got the word from a local whistleblower in Georgia. Atheists are working hard to establish a tattle-tale network across every city in the U.S. It's a lot like the Secret Police systems in Communist regimes, which encourage the citizens to spy on each other for the slightest infraction against the government. It's just thinly-veiled fascism disguised as "constitutional protection".

FFRF claims feeding football players at churches and perhaps metioning Christianity is blatant violation of the First Amendment Establishment Clause. They have failed to explain why giving a benediction before opening a session of Congress isn't, however.

I guess it's easier to pick on some rural high school than Uncle Sam. Funny how that works, huh?

Why is that Atheists always remember the Establishment Clause, yet completely ignore the Freedom of Exercise Clause? I guess that's just archaic old language by a bunch of dead guys, right?

Guess what, Atheists? Jesus said, "Feed the hungry", and that's what churches are doing, as part of their FREEDOM TO EXERCISE THEIR FAITH guaranteed under the same Constitution you guys claim to protect.

When are you going to step up to the plate, and use some of your resources to show the churches up by actually helping the needy?

I guess those lawyers you're always running to are the only needy people you care about.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Update On the American Atheists Lawsuit

Today on Fox News' O'Reilly Factor, guest host Laura Ingraham interviewed former Methodist pastor, now turned Atheist, Teresa McBain, who is now the Public Relations Director for American Atheists.

Ms. McBain was invited to speak about the recent lawsuit by American Atheists against the metal cross that has been placed in the World trade Center Memorial (see my blog post here on that).

It seems Ms. McBain was trying to "clear up" the reasons that AA filed the suit. It wasn't because their representatives find the cross a horrible symbol of death (I guess that was just baloney, right?), it's now because not all denominations and faiths are equally represented in the memorial.

Backpeddle, anyone?

Ms. McBain cited that one of the plaintiffs in the suit was upset to the point of severe mental trauma because a Lutheran Cross is not featured in the memorial. Severe mental trauma?

The cross that was chosen is PLAIN and non-denominational. That's just not good and general enough for American Atheists, who have already demonstrated their hatred for this symbol of Christianity, regardless.

Ms. McBain also cited a lack of Jewish symbols, which in fact, is wrong: there are Jewish artifacts from victims that will be displayed. Perhaps she didn't have time to properly prepare for her walk-back appearance on Fox.

This appearance by Teresa McBain is just more proof of the intellectual dishonesty that makes up the core of the American Atheists organization.

Next time, their people should do better show-prep before they make themselves and AA look silly on the news.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

American Atheists: Purveyors of Inolerance

Once again, American Atheists made the news. This time they're filling a stupid lawsuit againt the creators of the World Trade Center Memorial over its inclusion of religious artifacts, most notably a support beam that is shaped like a Christian cross.

According to Dave Silverman, a spokesperson for American Atheists:

"The Christian community found a piece of rubble that looked like an icon and they deified it. But really 9/11 had nothing to do with Christianity,....They want a monopoly and we don't want that to happen."

Monopoly on what, Mr. Silverman? Are you sore because there were no atomic symbols found in the wreckage? Or is American Atheists jealous because they produce nothing that offers reassurance or hope to hurting people?

The real reason for this tomfoolery by this very vocal, hatemongering group:

 Jane Everhart, who is part of the atheist's suit, derided the cross as nothing more than "ugly piece of wreckage" that "does not represent anything … but horror and death."

Gee Ms. Everheart, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How do you think the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who the U.S. nuked to end WWII, would feel about having your little atom splayed all over their city? You guys don't hold any higher moral ground just because your logo is found on the helmet of cartoon superhero Atom Ant.

The story mentioned:

The atheist group said that they have contacted the 9/11 Memorial and Museum requesting to display their own atheistic memorial next to the steel-shaped cross, possibly in the form of an atom or an American flag, to represent the "500 non-religious Americans" who were "among the victims of the 9/11 attack."

NEWS FLASH: non-religious doesn't atheistic. Not being church or synagogue members didn't make these people non-believers. Who are American Atheists to decide that an atom is a more suitable symbol to honor them, when they didn't personally know these people?
Here's an idea, atheists: take that money you waste filing these stupid lawsuits and give it to charity. That will make a greater impact on society and improve your public image.

Surprise us, Atheists. It would do everybody some good.