Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Funny Thoughts From an Atheist

From an Atheist posting in a Craigslist forum:

"The US Constitution was set up specifically to reject the religious from having a say in matters of governance. What the forefathers meant by this of course, is that those who suffer from magical thinking, need to sit at the kids table. The deluded can come sit at the big table with the adults when and if you get a grip on reality. In the meantime, We the People (meaning we who are capable of logic and reason) will take care of running things around here, thank you very much."


This poor sad sack needs to read up on some history. Obviously, this kid gets all his learnin' from da internets.

I suggest reading a BOOK on the Constitution, especially where it concerns the First Amendment. It's obvious to even the average joe that the Founding Fathers protected freedom of religion because it was important to maintaining a civil society. "Ten Tortured Words" should be an easy read for this atheist.

I also wonder where Village Atheists get this crazy notion that they hold the monopoly on logic and reason, especially when few of them even know how to frame a logical argument.

On top of that, if atheists don't believe in the supernatural, why do people like this think they can "channel" the original thoughts of dead people?

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Anonymous said...

An atheist? Read a book? Surely you gest! Atheists know everything and can't fit any more learning into their overstuffed crania as it is. We dumb theists should just go drool on ourselves in the corner and let these Einsteins set about preaching their lack of belief.