Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Brilliant Atheist Bumper Sticker

Village Atheists love to go out of their way to offend believers. Here's an offering from the Losing My Religion website:

The tired old "God doesn't exist because there are starving children" argument. Looks like atheists are still suffering from a lack of new material.

The webmasters of Losing My Religion will gladly sell you one of these bumper stickers, which you can put on your car, and use to make all those silly Christians real mad.


If the webmasters are truly concerned about starving children, they could donate the proceeds from the bumper stickers to UNICEF. What a novel idea!

Here's an even better idea. Donate the money you would have spent on the bumper sticker to your favorite charity. Then you money is guaranteed to do somebody some good somewhere, instead of being wasted on an empty gesture of useless symbolism.

You see, Village Atheists, I do care about you!


Anonymous said...

Normally I would laugh at the idiocy of these atheists but in this case it's really sad. Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Just one word: Pathetic! And they wonder why they aren't well liked by the general public? Because atheists like this bring it on themselves. Wouldn't you agree?

Alejandro Rodríguez said...

They do have a point though. That's one of the reasons I don't like to pray. I know that He loves us, but he is also not going to solve your problems and praying unless it's for thanking Him for something or for selfless reasons, it's really kind of selfish.

Stoogie said...


Praying is just talking with God, no matter what the reason.

Just pray, and forget what you think God's motives are. He wants to hear from you.

JBsptfn said...

That's a good point, Stoogie. It is like Arnold Murray of Shepherd's Chapel says when he does prayer requests. He says that God knows what you are thinking, and he has time for you.

When you pray, you should pray for others more than yourself, and always be honest. You can talk to God regularly without any rituals.

Anonymous said...

"The tired old "God doesn't exist because there are starving children" argument. Looks like atheists are still suffering from a lack of new material."
Yeah, believers have ignored this argument (and any other argument) since 2000 years. So - of course - the argument isn't valid anymore because of - ah - blah blah blah.
So who's a nut now?

Stoogie said...


Looks like you are. The question of why God tolerates evil has been pondered for centuries, starting with philosophers like Anselm, who preceded Thomas Aquinas.

Perhaps you should broaden your knowledge a bit, but would require reading a book or 2.

Anonymous said...

The idea is not that "he" doesn't exist because kids die at a rate of over 1000 an hour now is it? Try hard and read it again feeble minded Christian.

Stoogie said...


I just love it when no-name atheists leave behind condescending comments in an effort to avoid answering the challenge. Post on!