Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lame Argument: "Everyone is born an Atheist"

This is one of the silliest memes spouted by the Village Atheist Left. It's banter like this that makes me believe they are the Jehovah's Witnesses of godlessness, as if there were some kind of 90 day training school that all budding Atheists attend, to learn the basics as well as the bumper sticker slogans that they regurgitate all over the internet.

Babies aren't born atheists, they're born ignorant. They know next to nothing. At best, a baby is AGNOSTIC (as an agnosis, "lacking knowledge or understanding"). Atheism is a conscious decision, a rejection of belief.

However, if Village Atheists want to call themselves ignorant babies, I won't stand in their way.

Atheists, get some new material, puleeeeze.....


Anonymous said...

"However, if Village Atheists want to call themselves ignorant babies, I won't stand in their way."


Anonymous said...

Although I respect your views, everyone is entitled to their own. I have to say I ended a heated conversation in our church. They were claiming that scientists are arrogant. They were saying that creation is the only answer. They were saying that scientists were stupid and were misguiding our children through the education system. I had one thing to say that ended the argument. Evolution can be interpreted to be a process of creation.
Their views about scientists and atheists for that matter were ignorant. As in having No knowledge of the facts. Science assumes on given data that is extensively researched and documented, and then analyzed, and then celebrated if found wrong as NEW data is uncovered every year, every month and every day. The facts are just facts as they know them at this current hour, they are NOT immovable facts in that NEW data is accrued and NEW proofs are unveiled. Religion on the other hand gets really nasty and testy when cornered within it's own logic or lack of it. The religious will then call in the victim card, and say that they are being persecuted by unbelievers. Hell I have spent several years immersed in the Bible belt as a minister. I have always asked my Christian brothers and sisters to acquire knowledge before choosing sides on any issue. Knowledge is key.
I find it curious that creationists do not have enough Faith in their God to remove themselves from the box they have incorporated around themselves and their faith and their God. They simply cannot accept the fact that maybe just maybe they got something mistranslated or misinterpreted. Science admits it could be wrong, this is a very mature attitude and is common with highly intelligent persons. Christian FUNDEMENTALISTS, however do not have that luxury of intelligence in order to admit that possibly, the spoken stories that were passed down from one generation to the next, over hundreds of years, isn't the SAME as when it started out. This experiment is easy to reproduce. Get twenty people in a room and whisper a secret to pass on to the next, over a period of a couple of days the secret has grown to include many aspects that were not in the original whispered secret. Sometimes depending on the IQ of the test subjects the secret can wind up being an oversimplification of a secret that has nothing to do with the original. In other words it is not the same at all after just two days. let alone for hundreds of years before being deliberately edited and gathered into one book. BTW do you know how many books were left out on purpose because it did not suit the Roman Catholic churches fancy? There were over 120 such books making up the story of Christianity, and curiously only 66 were chosen, why? Also live up to the rule that Jesus placed there for us to follow, and start respecting Atheists and their views, start respecting Muslims and heir views, leave the LGBT community alone! Because Jesus said so! Am I wrong? NO. He said to treat others the way YOU would want THEM to treat you. In other words if you want them to leave you alone and respect your religion then for God's sake man shut the heck up and leave people alone and start being a good example of a human being. Your Faith, or lack of it is between you and your God. Jesus taught us to get along with each other. Are you following his path and example? BW the good religious peole of the day passed by a man on the road that needed help and the only one that helped the guy out was a NON-Believer! Chew on that for awhile. BTW did you hear that a 25 year old girl had cervical cancer and had to have multiple operations and was claiming bankruptcy, oh her church was praying for her, but it took an Atheists family member to spot her the $25,000 she needed to pay for the medical procedures. Again when only prayer was offered by "good" people, one of those "godless heathens" actually helped her out. I am only asking you Christians to think man think!

Stoogie said...


Your comments really go far beyond the topic of the blog post, but I will address you regardless.

Yes church members can be arrogant towards science. Arrogance seems to come from both directions.

I'm aware of how science works. So are the gentlemen who started the Discovery Institute. They can show you some of the flaws in the reasoning behind scientific dogma.

The mistranslation argument using the example of a group of kids playing "telephone" is a tired one. Oral history had much stricter rules. You should review the history of oral rote.

The canonization of the Bible has been examined for centuries, and the weight of scholarship, concerning history and textual criticism, lies in favor of the traditional canon. There is no reason to re-examine the pseudigraphia.

"Respecting" the views of gays, atheists, and Muslims doesn't negate the defense of my faith against falsehoods that these other groups spread across the internet.

I appreciate that an atheist family spotted a woman 25 grand (providing your story is true), but you can find hundreds of incidents where believers stepped in to help non-believers, too.

I DO think. I don't know how many years you spent as a minister, but I'm rather surprised of your lack of knowledge of some basic tenets about the Bible.

If you left the faith to become an atheist, it wouldn't surprise me, because you didn't seem very well equipped to defend it. You don't need a degree in theology, just some basic knowledge and a willingness to read some books on logic, philosophy, and the history of the Bible.

Your faith doesn't appear to have been strong enough to avoid a pounding from a few atheists, who really aren't any smarter than anybody else.

That's where a lot of people fall away. Somebody comes along who sounds smarter, and they get hoodwinked. A little reading could fix a of that, if you're not willing to sit down and listen to God when these things happen.