Saturday, March 17, 2012

Those Nutty American Atheists Are At It Again

Check out his billboard, which Blair Scott, the Communication Director for American Atheists, claimed during a radio interview with host Michael Medved (a practicing Jew), was not intended to target believers:

American Atheists, an organization that stands on a bedrock of intellectual dishonesty, is once again stirring up trouble in an attempt to draw attention to itself. In the same radio interview, Mr. Underwood claimed that American Atheists' main focus is separation of church and state issues.

I'd say that posting a billboard in a Jewish neighborhood in an attempt to create disbelief goes a little beyond mere Constitutional issues, proving once again that American Atheists and their staff aren't exactly what they claim to be.

Unfortunately, the statement "You know it's a myth" is an informal logical fallacy called the argumentum ad populum, a.k.a. an Appeal to the People. In reality, the weak argument here is "Aw, come on, everybody knows it's all a bunch of baloney".

Only someone ignorant of the rules of logic would make such a claim as "You know it's a myth". And and only an ignorant person would believe that such a stupid argument is valid.

So, what is the intended audience for this billboard? The ignorant and the stupid? And why the Hebrew? Is it for all those 'ignorant' immigrants who can't read or speak English?

American Atheists are fond of making such bare assertions as "god is phony", without feeling any need to defend their position. They just hide behind the Burden of Proof Fallacy.

I would love to see ANY representative of American Atheists attempt to debate their reasoning against a freshman Philosophy and Logic major from any university. It would be an adventure in comedy as the 'intelligent' atheist gets hammered down by the philosphy student.

I suggest that if American Atheists wants to get rid of myths, they could start by taking down this puff piece about the founder, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who in her personal life was far from the "selfless servant" the organization portrays her to be.

Perhaps American Atheists should put their money where their mouths are, and use the bucks they waste on dumb billboards to feed some poor kids.