Monday, December 26, 2011

Atheists and the Dishonest Challenge

While many Atheists claim they are willing to look at evidence of the existence of God, then qualify that by adding qualifiers such as:

"Things that are not evidence for God"...

1. Quoting Bible Scripture

2. Claiming your cousin was healed in a church

The Atheist starts out by denying the testimony of people who were witnesses to extraordinary events, whether it's from historical documents or recent events.

In fact, nothing barring a personal special visit from the Almighty Creator of the Universe will please the Atheist who makes this kind of statement.

The fact is, Atheists, despite what they claim, have their minds made up and really have no interest in investigating whether or not God exists.

This is just more evidence of the intellectual dishonesty of the the typical Atheist, who claims to be a seeker of truth, but limits where that truth can be discovered.

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