Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Nutty Things Atheists Say

The Village Atheist crowd seems to be a bottomless pit of silly comments, most of them just blind and incorrect assumptions based on a cartoonish view of Christianity, such as what you get from TV shows and movies.

I've been told about how I give away my money to"the men in the funny hats", even though the ushers in my church are not known for any unusual headgear.

I've been told I kneel before the "stone slut" (an obvious derogatory reference to the statues of Mary found in a Catholic church. I'm not Catholic, either).

I'm told I'm not able to think for myself, yet I'm not the one parroting the same silly comments all over the internet, as these Village Atheists are fond of doing.

I'm told I follow a religion invented by "goat herders and con men". Gee, I'm a Christian, and as far as I know, Jesus and His Disciples were mostly tradesmen.

I'm told I worship a "zombie" (another cartoonish representation which really has nothing to do with resurrection).

I'm told "taxing the churches will solve the world hunger problem", yet I've never seen any hard numbers to support this.

The really disturbing thing is that the people uttering this nonsense actually believe it.

More's the pity.