Monday, August 8, 2011

Atheist Double Standards are SO Funny!

The prime example: Craigslist forums.

Log into the Craigslist Atheist Forum and post about your faith, or, perish the thought, "evangelize", and in short order some Atheist will tell you to get out of that forum. Seems that the Atheist Forum is ONLY for Atheism and anybody who speaks positively of religion is a "troll" and should be banned from making posts. Posting about God in a positive sense just isn't "proper" in THEIR forum.


At any time in the Religious Forum, you'll find several Atheists making posts that insult and belittle Christians, Christianity, Mormonism, or the JW faith. Seems it's A-O-K for Atheists to enter a religious forum and promote Atheism (through the insulting of religion). They call it "religious discussion" (although last time I checked, I didn't see much 'discussion' among all the childish taunts, F-bombs, and pictures of Jesus riding a dinosaur).

You see, the Atheists will remind you that the Religious Forum isn't strictly a "Christian" form (of course, it isn't an Atheism Forum... they already have one that they jealously protect). The Atheists will also remind you have a "right" to go to any forum they choose (if YOU, however, attempt to support Christianity in "their" forum, you will be harassed until you leave or they will have you banned by the Admin Staff).

See how it works?

You, the believer, had better follow the rules of the Craigslist Terms of Use and 'Netiquette'. Atheists don't feel bound by any such rules. If they can get away with it without being banned, sued or arrested, they're going to do it often.

Aren't Atheists and their sense of moral relativism just wonderful?

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Peter said...

Yes, all of this is just so true. If you do not agree with the mainstream view on any of their sites, they will do their best to marginalise and (ultimately) silence and expel you via insults, foul language, misrepresentation of your arguments, and - when all else fails - a cavalier dismissal of any and all philosophical and/or scientifc evidence that may be brought to their attention that has the potential to raise any doubt regarding their stubborn and dogmatic refusal to consider the possiblity that they may be - just perhaps - WRONG.

These self-proclaimed 'defenders of reason' are hypocrites of the worst kind.