Friday, February 11, 2011

Tired Atheist Argument: "No evidence for God"

This statement is intellectually dishonest.

It doesn't allow for documentary evidence (such as the Bible), alternate interpretation of existing physical evidence (such as the orderly complexity of our universe), and evidence yet to be discovered (read Bradley Monton, atheist, on this subject).

Village Atheists need to stop speaking in unprovable absolutes. Why do I need to provide a reasonable rebuttal for a provably false argument?

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Yoshua Reynaldo Christson said...

Good Job!
Atheist in my opinion, are the person like me, much like Insecure, sensitive, and want-to-be-right. They choke on pride. Ambitious(which is, can be good). It is very pity really, Deeply inside their heart/brain. They just want to be respected, they are afraid to be 'stupid' while there is many science-man like me that believes God.
They are 'misreable', not really evil. Like many people that bind on pride. (no offense)