Saturday, February 19, 2011

Knuckleheaded Argument: "Christians Fear Reality"

Village Atheists love to rationalize that believers are fearful of reality, as if the real world terrifies us. We just make up gods because we need a crutch.

I'm trying to picture some Christian, walking down the street, stopping frequently, looking around in all directions, scared to face anything outside the front door of the house.

Then along walks by an Atheist, who says, "I pity you, Christian! You should be like ME, understanding that you're really just a happy random occurrence, with no real purpose other than to get all you can out of this short life before you croak and become worm food. Instead of pondering your existence and thinking about an afterlife, you should just go out and get drunk."

Pure comedy.

I think Atheists really push the idea of the reality of God far back into their minds, because they cannot tolerate the idea of being under the authority of a Supreme Person. Atheistic narcissism can't deal with such possibilities.

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