Monday, February 14, 2011

Dragons and Spaghetti Monsters In My Garage

Atheists love to use Carl Sagan's "Dragon In My Garage" or the Spaghetti Monster analogy as a means for claiming people just make gods up.

The problem here is, atheists like Sagan or the Spaghetti Monster people failed to address the spirtual needs of human beings, which dragons and noodly monsters don't meet the criteria for. God is in a form we can relate to, according to the Bible and the testimonies of millions of believers.

Monsters like dragons only appeal to terror. Cults that ruled through nothing but fear have died out. In fact, any form of religion or government that rules through terror will eventually fall apart.

Judeo-Christianity, the world's oldest monotheistic belief system, has survived not by inventing fantastic pasta beings but through a loving God who seeks personal relationships.

Sagan didn't get it, the Spaghetti Monster Bunch didn't get it, and neither do the supporters of these lame arguments.

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