Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Atheist blows it... surprise!

Atheists are fond of spreading the mantra that they know about Christianity better than most Christians, yet Tom Flynn, a professed "secular humanist" (that's supposed to be somebody who doesn't believe in gods but is a nice person nonetheless) writing for the New York Post, makes this blunder:

"...Traditional Christian doctrine is no less different from the historic Mormon teaching that God is not a transcendental being, but was once a man who by moral excellence ascended to the role of deity over this universe (of which there are implicitly companions without number -- hmm, maybe Joseph Smith received a revelation about quantum mechanics)..."

Am I not understanding Mr. Flynn's context here, or is he just plain wrong?

Anybody with a Sunday School education knows that both traditional Christianity AND Mormonism believe in a trancendental God. The difference is in their beliefs on JESUS.

Traditonal Christians believe Jesus IS God and the 2nd Person of the Trinity. Traditional Mormons believe Jesus was a created being and a son of Adam.

This is basic knowledge, something you don't need a degree in Religious Studies to understand.

Or am I just too stupid to understand the wording of a smart guy like Tom Flynn?

Maybe one of the 'brightstars" can correct me here.

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Yoshua Reynaldo Christson said...

Ha! They said whales produces Bears, what kind of 'brightstars' is that, as much as i kind to them, i'm not above bringing down evolution, and their claim of 'Superiority Intellectual'.

They will never get the bible, because they are 'prideful' in the heart, not outside. I may wrong or right, but i have obeserve facts here, they like arguments going along in circle. Their morals is not bad, but not good.