Monday, March 1, 2010

The Latest Atheist Hatemongering Campaign

The Village Atheist crowd is salivating over this disgusting anti-religion campaign as symbolized by this image, being posted on billboards and in bus stops all over.
Once again, all the Village Atheist crowd ever mention are the things they accuse religion of causing (most of which is still questionable), with their occasional "well, religion has done some good, b-b-but..." tossed in as some kind of lame excuse for intellectual honesty.
So now we get to put up with this malarkey, as offered up ad nauseum by the anti-theist movement, inspired by their Dalai Dawkins. The fact is, if Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, or any other militant atheist had the slightest degree of intellectual honesty, they'd denounce this ridiculous stunt. Instead, this picture is even being used to advertise Dawkins' book, The God Delusion (a.k.a. The Atheist Scriptures).
Perhaps Christians should put up their own "Imagine No Religion" campaign. I'll make a few suggestions as to what could be pictured in the ads:
1. A picture of 30 million dead children in 3rd world countries, who starved to death because the United Nations failed to get them aid, and there were no religious charities to fill in the gaps.
2. A college library missing books by the great Greek Philosophers and Mathematicians, and many other works of antiquity, which were preserved by the Catholic Church and the ancient Muslims.
3. The Sistine Chapel with a plain white ceiling and walls.
4. A picture of thousands of drunks and drug addicts dead on the streets of our inner cities, because there were no Salvation Army or other religious missions to help them.
5. A picture showing a huge pile of dead bodies in the Black Hole of Calcutta because there was no Mother Teresa.
6. An empty orchestra hall on December 24th because there was no Handel's Messiah to be performed.
7. A picture of 2 office employees by a water cooler on December 25th, muttering 'Happy Solstice'.
8. A graph showing an exploding crime rate and a prison population that is doubled.
9. A picture of a globe that shows some other country in the location where the United States of America should have been.
10. A painting of Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and Fidel Castro standing on a pile of human skeletons.
You want to see a campaign of "Imagine No Religion" that reflects reality? I posted 10 suggestions for doing just that. Anybody have any more? Leave them in the comments section of this entry.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Actually, the Salvation Army would much rather shut down their charities than help gays and lesbians. There are also plenty of non religious charity orginzations (sp?) like UNICEF

The NeoCon Brownshirt said...

Anonymous #1: Thanks for posting the same old tired arguments. By the way, there were NO professing atheists among the Founding Fathers. Jefferson was a UNITARIAN DEIST. And I know more about the Crusades than you can even imagine. It's YOU who doesn't understand history.

Anonymous #2: The Salvation Army DOES give aid to anybody regardless of age, creed, color, or sexual orientation. The United Nations is the ONLY charity larger than the Salvation Army, and the Salvation Army has been around longer.

You 2 need to stop assuming believers are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Hello I just stumbled across this blog it looks interesting. I have nothing against anyone who might be an atheist and I'm not religious myself but I do respect religion and also think that there could easily be a God.

The thing I can't understand is why extreme atheists (Dawkins et al) are so desperate to convince everyone that there is no God. What is their agenda? What does it matter to them what people believe in? If they don't believe there is a God why are they so threatened by the thought of one? I've always thought that believing or not believing in something was a personal matter not something to be forced on people. The thing I don't understand about those sort of extreme atheists is how they go on about how logical they are and how their lack of belief in God is logical and yet all the time they use these emotive arguments like the one you have highlighted. They contradict themselves because they are clearly playing on emotions. If there were really ultra logical people then they would just state the facts plainly.

The NeoCon Brownshirt said...


The whole purpose of this blog is not to ridicule, but to point out the intellectual dishonesty that taints modern atheism.