Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Village Atheist "Compassion" on Display

Once again, some Village Atheist on Craigslist has demonstrated why Village Atheism is so unpopular, even among so-called "freethinkers". Check out what this genius had to say about the news story that detailed the arrest of Baptist missionaries who tried to sneak some orphaned Haitian children over the Haitian border to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic:

"Christian child theft in Haiti (oh so righteous!)"

"So indignant they got busted kidnapping children. I hope they get f******. Just like their murder of abortion Doctors and bombing of clinics,they feel like their religion gives them a free hand to break the law. Just like the Taliban and AlQeada. Taking advantage of a devastated country,just like looters. If trial comes to U.S.,they will use their money to pay off a couple of Senators(Republican I bet) so their criminals take a walk. I hope they get Haitian justice. A machete in the head."

I certainly don't encourage breaking the law, however, in an extreme situation like the devastation of Haiti by an earthquake, it's easy to see that these missionaries were acting under a situation which they believed meant life or death for these innocent children.

I've seen some of the video bytes of people in Haiti fighting each over food and water supplies as they were being handed out. A half-starved orphan wouldn't stand a chance to get a drop or a morsel without some help.

The Haitian Government, such as it is, is corrupt, inept, and completely unable to manage a tragedy of such an epic scale. You'd think they'd understand and try to cut some slack to the people that are doing whatever they can to save lives and relieve the suffering.

Even more ridiculous is the idiotic comparison to the Taliban. Gee, when was the last time anybody accused the Taliban of rescuing children from a dire situation? Do these Village Atheists ever bother to think before their hands go racing across their keyboards? Or are they just too used to being knee-jerk reactionaries driven by blind hatred?

Village Atheists are of questionable sanity when they make the kind sof stupid comments this Craigslist ranter uttered. They welcome any chance at all to bash a Christian, no matter how puerile it makes the Atheist look. Even sadder is that other Village Atheists will butt in on the forum to try to defend these indefensible remarks.

That's when I'm convinced that most of them have less common sense than God gave to a house fly.

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