Monday, February 1, 2010

Remember, they're the "Smart Ones"

Another Village Atheist bloviating on Craigslist:

Religion: One Variant of Superstition (Westwood)

It seems to me that outside of the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule in the Bible, there is not much else, if anything, one can think of needed to lead an honorable life.

Proof positive that the Village Atheist has never READ a Bible. ANYBODY knows about the 10 commandments and the Golden Rule. Seldom will a Village Atheist be familiar with such biblical priciples as not charging interest on a loan to a relative, which is the kind of thing you discover when you read the Bible with a half ounce of respect.

Perhaps beliefs in a deity, miracles, revelations, parting seas, etc. are further fables designed to control people. Let's also throw in an omnipotent "God" and we can really scare the troops and keep others in line. Heck, we can even get people to, perhaps, kill people in the name of -------------. (Fill in the blank, depending upon whom you wish to have killed.)

The old "religion was designed to control people" canard... zzzzzzz. Most Village Atheists are completely and willfully ignorant of the fact that the Bible texts were written as either historical documents, prophesies, or letters to ancient churches.

I will admit that organized religion has done wonderful things to advance the profession or architecture and all building trades requisite to allow architects to realize their plans. That's about the best thing I can think about organized religions' contribution.

I guess this brilliant writer isn't aware of the Salvation Army, World Vision International, or the missionary work of Mother Theresa.

Some temples, cathedrals, churches, etc. really rock out. In fact, I think those structures would be ideal places in which to hold car shows, rock and roll concerts, and educational lectures when the the Priest, Rabbi, Minister, or whatever the "Big Daddy" or "Big Mama" is called when he she is planning for the next Saturday or Sunday. Shame to let such useful buildings sit idle for five-six days each week.

Once again, the Village Atheist is pitifully ignorant that a good majority of churches provide local welfare and counseling assistance to their communities, and are often open 7 days a week.

I do hope that "Patti", in the post that follows, realizes that the odds just "got her" and she ended up having to take the bus. As a wise sage once said, "Religion is the world's oldest profession"....

Too bad there isn't a whole lot of wisdom coming from the Atheist Village.

The following was posted by an insightful Craig's List R&R poster today. Kudos:

I'm sorry, but "insightful Craigslist R&R Poster" is a somewhat oxymoronic comment.

(But I'm not, admittedly, entirely convinced. Remember the movie "Christine" based on a Stephen King book? That '57 Plymouth could "heal" itself after horrendous damage. I saw it on the movie. Maybe the Plymouth prayed to the God of wonders about these things...LOL)

And this is the kind of commentary that counts as "insightful" to a Village Atheist "Brightstar".

More's the pity.

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