Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dumb Things Village Atheists Say:

Collected from Craigslist:

"Atheism is guided by logic and reason, while Christianity is based on superstition and fear".

It's a popular canard that there's no logic or reason involved in religion, when the opposite is proven through the interviews of believers. Christianity also has more than its share of incredible intelligent philosophers.

"Religion is irrational".

Not according to the MDS IV, the master catalogue of mental illnesses referred to by all who practice psychology.

"Religion and intelligence are diamteric opposites."

Pope Benedict XVI has an IQ in the 180's.

"The Bible was written by Bronze Age goat herders".

Gee, I didn't know the Greek scribes, who penned the New Testament, were Bronze Age goatherders. In fact, I thought Bronze Age goat herders had a tendency to be illiterate.

"Religion was invented by men for the purpose of controlling people."

Anthropolgical studies have dealt extensively with religion, which is a hallmark of human culture. For example, religious belief is part of discovering one's "purpose", as well as explaining the world around us.

"The Bible is a whole bunch of fairy tales with a few facts thrown in to make it look legitimate."

The Bible is a collection of 66 "books" which were written as historical accounts that detailed specific events. The books document real people and places that have been verified through archaeology and references from other ancient writers. There is no historical evidence to support the idea that the writers of the Bible were intentionally deceptive.

"Atheists have been proven statistically more intelligent than religious believers."

There are some surveys taken that suggest a slight majority of intelligent people are atheistic, with a wider gap being shown between atheists and believers in the hard sciences. But does that really prove only stupid people are religious? There are certainly a multitude of brilliant believers, like Isaac Newton, who'd beg to differ with this black-and-white statement by Village Atheists.

"Religion is the main cause for war."

A historical analysis of war shows virtually all wars are fought to gain territory or political power.

"There is no evidence for the existence of Jesus outside of the Bible."

Wrong. Roman historians Flavius Josephus and Cornelius Tacitus both made reliable references to Jesus.

"Church offerings are used only to support the Pastor's salary."

Wrong. Churches also employ people that are paid. Churches don't get free electricity or water, either. Churches also perform local welfare functions as well as supporting missionaries at home and abroad.

"Religion is the biggest cause of human suffering."

Those honors go to war, disease, and famine, not religion.

"Believing in God or Jesus is no different than believing in Santa Claus."

So, where are all the Santa Claus Rescue Missions?

"The Bible preaches hatred, bigotry, and intolerance".

Funny, how a book that teaches hatred, bigotry, and intolerance inspired some of the world's greatest humanitarians, including Albert Schweizer, William Booth, and Mother Teresa.

"As societies become more logical and evolved, atheism will overtake religion."

The Soviet Union was an atheistic society and a spectacular failure. Atheism fails to address human certain human needs that only religion can touch, such as the belief by most people that they possess a soul. Atheism also has no moral standards. That is why America's Founding Fathers stressed that no civil society could survive without religion.

"Religious believers think they can do whatever they want because they'll be forgiven anyway."

This comment belies a complete ignorance of salvation and forgiveness, and what that means. The thief on the cross who begged Jesus' forgiveness didn't get his sentenced commuted. He DIED, paying his penance for his earthly crimes, but his soul was saved for all eternity. An atheist who curses God all his life can be saved through a "deathbed confession". Atheists need to READ the Bible BEFORE they lecture on it.

"The world would be much better off if there were no religion."

Really? Would the world be better off with out the good religion has inspired? Atheists love to point out the bad things, usually ancient historical bad things, but seldom if ever mention the good things that religion has inspired. It's a very one-sided, skewed worldview.

"Religion has held back scientific advancements. If it weren't for religion, we'd be living in a futuristic "Star Trek" like world right now."

Star Trek was just a TV show. Most of its major "scientific" advancements are impossible because they violate the Laws of Physics. There is no evidence to show that religion held us back technologically. Many of the greatest thinkers we know believed in God.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Village Atheist Choking On Religion

Before you read the atheist's comments as posted on Craigslist, rub your forefinger and your thumb together in tribute to the playing of the world's tiniest violin.

Religion shoved down our throats (USA......circa 2010)

"The complaint of other peoples religious beliefs being force fed to non religious people does not have to be as blatant as somebody preaching from a soap box, or knocking at our door or giving unwanted religious advice. Sometimes it is subtle even subliminal. Some religious messages are so common that we forget their origins and messages, for instance our "Adams Apple", and our method of keeping track of the last several thousand years A.D. B.C. (As if the Christian or any other version of the Christ story has ever been proven) It's a great fable with many moral lessons and good advice, but then, so is the story of the three little pigs."
There's nothing quite as comical as some atheist whining about traditions simply because of their supposed religious roots. By the way, the "Adam's Apple" is based on an old wives tale, but the resetting of our current calendar system 2000 years ago IS one of those "proofs" of the "Christ" story that atheists continue to deny. If nothing happened and nobody known as Christ ever existed, why was the calendar changed to reflect the event? Was this just part of some grand conspiracy? There were plenty of people around who could have corrected such a blatant error. The fact is, until recently, and only at the request of secularists in academia, BC and AD were perfectly okay to use as references. Most of us still prefer to use those terms.
"We [I guess he has a mouse in his pocket] recently were able to get the religious messages out of our public schools and almost out of our courts, next we need to discontinue the practice of putting "In god we trust" on our currency. I personally wish that the practice of including religious messages in almost every sporting events, funeral and even television programs could be stopped. But at least those things are voluntary, and we do have freedom of speech in this country, but that is another can of worms similar to religion, because everybody has a different idea of what should be covered under that basic concept."
That's baloney, of course. There ARE basic rules which are defined under freedom of speech, and that includes slander or speech that is designed to incite violence. The problem with atheists is that they use groups like the ACLU to limit free speech in the public sector.Atheists have gone far beyond ending prayer in public schools. They've tried to stop privately-run prayer events on a school campus. Teachers have punished students for carrying a Bible in a public school. They've erased nearly any mention of Christianity in a public school textbook, even though religions like Islam and Bhuddism are discussed at length. A kid had his essay about Jesus FAILED by a teacher because he wrote about "mythological figure", even though Jesus is a well-known person from history and the documents that detail his life are historically reliable. A female public employee was reprimanded for wearing a necklace displaying a cross. And worst of all, a kid in a public elementary school got suspended and ordered to have a psychological evaluation because he drew a picture of Jesus crucified.
In fact, by this atheist's own words, he suggests he's some kind of anti-religious fascist who'd ban all publicly accessable religious speech if he could get away with it. Thanks for showing your true colors, Joe Stalin.

"I realize that the theists out there are thinking that the atheists are being pushy and making a mountain out of a mole hill, but that all depends on which side of the fence you are on, I was amazed at the uproar by Christians when some bus's agreed to display atheist messages that said, "There's probably no god, relax and enjoy your life".
No, those atheists are just being a bunch of whiney babies. You see, the difference that atheists refuse to admit is, the message of a church is to spread God's Word to His people. It's not a focused slam against atheists. The message of the atheist ad campaign is to attack religion, because the atheists that funded the signs are thin-skinned and vindictive. If the Atheists really wanted to make a positive impression, they could just say, "we could spend a lot of money creating ads against religion, but we'd rather make a positive impact, so we're giving the money to the homeless." Too bad the atheists just don't get it.
"You theists have your beliefs everywhere, you have hundreds of thousands of Church's and temples all of them displaying brightly lit religious messages, you have your own multimilllion dollar business, printing company's, radio and television stations, books, bumper stickers, on and on, but we put our little message on some buses and you theists act like it was the end of the world. "

 Has this guy watched a movie or a TV show recently? There are films, television programs, songs on the radio, books, and even "historical documentaries" that do do everything they can to pound a stake through the heart of religion, most notably Christianity. Even the mainstream media looks for opportunities to bash Christians by hunting out and showcasing Christians in trouble with the law. Believe me, the atheist message is being proclaimed in numerous venues. This whiner needs to get out more.
On top of that, he's wrong. We didn't act like that atheist ad campaign was the end of the world. We laughed at it. It was pitiful. The atheists couldn't even say what they BELIEVE and remain intellectually honest. The best they could say was "There's PROBABLY" no God." Atheists are like the fool who thinks he's tough enough to kill a bear a with a fly swatter.
"That is why many atheists consider Christians to be so hypocritical, apparently only Christians are allowed to express their beliefs in public. They also love to decide what is best for other people."

Pot, meet the Kettle. The only reason WE are allowed to express our beliefs in public is because we've managed to keep people like YOU from taking that right away.

As far as thinking what's best for other people? What do you call the banning of any mention of religion from public buildings? What do you think about the efforts to make home schooling illegal? How about the denial of privately educated applicants to public universities, based on certain texbooks that were used at their parochial schools? Or the wholesale effort to destroy the Boy Scouts of America because the organization mentions God in their oath?

ALL of these issues have been propagated by angry atheists who think they know what's best for everybody else. All they really want to do is use their tools in the Atheist Communist Liars Union to enforce the Tyranny of the Minority on the rest of us.

Thanks a bunch!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Village Atheist "Compassion" on Display

Once again, some Village Atheist on Craigslist has demonstrated why Village Atheism is so unpopular, even among so-called "freethinkers". Check out what this genius had to say about the news story that detailed the arrest of Baptist missionaries who tried to sneak some orphaned Haitian children over the Haitian border to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic:

"Christian child theft in Haiti (oh so righteous!)"

"So indignant they got busted kidnapping children. I hope they get f******. Just like their murder of abortion Doctors and bombing of clinics,they feel like their religion gives them a free hand to break the law. Just like the Taliban and AlQeada. Taking advantage of a devastated country,just like looters. If trial comes to U.S.,they will use their money to pay off a couple of Senators(Republican I bet) so their criminals take a walk. I hope they get Haitian justice. A machete in the head."

I certainly don't encourage breaking the law, however, in an extreme situation like the devastation of Haiti by an earthquake, it's easy to see that these missionaries were acting under a situation which they believed meant life or death for these innocent children.

I've seen some of the video bytes of people in Haiti fighting each over food and water supplies as they were being handed out. A half-starved orphan wouldn't stand a chance to get a drop or a morsel without some help.

The Haitian Government, such as it is, is corrupt, inept, and completely unable to manage a tragedy of such an epic scale. You'd think they'd understand and try to cut some slack to the people that are doing whatever they can to save lives and relieve the suffering.

Even more ridiculous is the idiotic comparison to the Taliban. Gee, when was the last time anybody accused the Taliban of rescuing children from a dire situation? Do these Village Atheists ever bother to think before their hands go racing across their keyboards? Or are they just too used to being knee-jerk reactionaries driven by blind hatred?

Village Atheists are of questionable sanity when they make the kind sof stupid comments this Craigslist ranter uttered. They welcome any chance at all to bash a Christian, no matter how puerile it makes the Atheist look. Even sadder is that other Village Atheists will butt in on the forum to try to defend these indefensible remarks.

That's when I'm convinced that most of them have less common sense than God gave to a house fly.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Remember, they're the "Smart Ones"

Another Village Atheist bloviating on Craigslist:

Religion: One Variant of Superstition (Westwood)

It seems to me that outside of the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule in the Bible, there is not much else, if anything, one can think of needed to lead an honorable life.

Proof positive that the Village Atheist has never READ a Bible. ANYBODY knows about the 10 commandments and the Golden Rule. Seldom will a Village Atheist be familiar with such biblical priciples as not charging interest on a loan to a relative, which is the kind of thing you discover when you read the Bible with a half ounce of respect.

Perhaps beliefs in a deity, miracles, revelations, parting seas, etc. are further fables designed to control people. Let's also throw in an omnipotent "God" and we can really scare the troops and keep others in line. Heck, we can even get people to, perhaps, kill people in the name of -------------. (Fill in the blank, depending upon whom you wish to have killed.)

The old "religion was designed to control people" canard... zzzzzzz. Most Village Atheists are completely and willfully ignorant of the fact that the Bible texts were written as either historical documents, prophesies, or letters to ancient churches.

I will admit that organized religion has done wonderful things to advance the profession or architecture and all building trades requisite to allow architects to realize their plans. That's about the best thing I can think about organized religions' contribution.

I guess this brilliant writer isn't aware of the Salvation Army, World Vision International, or the missionary work of Mother Theresa.

Some temples, cathedrals, churches, etc. really rock out. In fact, I think those structures would be ideal places in which to hold car shows, rock and roll concerts, and educational lectures when the the Priest, Rabbi, Minister, or whatever the "Big Daddy" or "Big Mama" is called when he she is planning for the next Saturday or Sunday. Shame to let such useful buildings sit idle for five-six days each week.

Once again, the Village Atheist is pitifully ignorant that a good majority of churches provide local welfare and counseling assistance to their communities, and are often open 7 days a week.

I do hope that "Patti", in the post that follows, realizes that the odds just "got her" and she ended up having to take the bus. As a wise sage once said, "Religion is the world's oldest profession"....

Too bad there isn't a whole lot of wisdom coming from the Atheist Village.

The following was posted by an insightful Craig's List R&R poster today. Kudos:

I'm sorry, but "insightful Craigslist R&R Poster" is a somewhat oxymoronic comment.

(But I'm not, admittedly, entirely convinced. Remember the movie "Christine" based on a Stephen King book? That '57 Plymouth could "heal" itself after horrendous damage. I saw it on the movie. Maybe the Plymouth prayed to the God of wonders about these things...LOL)

And this is the kind of commentary that counts as "insightful" to a Village Atheist "Brightstar".

More's the pity.