Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Logic Monopoly?

Atheists on the Inter-Webs are famous for insisting their belief system (yes, it IS a belief system until they prove otherwise) is based on "logic and reason" while Christianity is based on "superstition and fear". The sad fact is, the typical Village Atheist has no idea what logic really is. For most typical atheists, logic is a word they learned from Star Trek.

Christians can and do arrive at their beliefs through logic. Village Atheists make the silly mistake of claiming that those whose logic doesn't agree with theirs means they possess no logic at all. THAT in itself is an illogical assumption, but you'll be hard-pressed to convince the garden-variety Atheist that he or she is illogical. They'll just spew more bumper-sticker logic at you and pretend they possess some advanced form of intelligence over believers.

Atheists need to STOP making the illogical assumption that being an unbeliever makes you automatically smarter and more logical than a believer. The average Atheist doesn't even have any idea how contruct and support a logical argument. A first-year philosophy student could take down a Village Atheist's claims in seconds.

Bottom line: the typical Atheist isn't smarter by default. The Atheist needs to stop assuming otherwise.