Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to Have a Reasonable Discussion

I don't run across many atheists who are interested in having a rational adult discussion, but just in case you do, here are some pointers to keeping things on a "grown up" level:

1. Swallow your condescension. It adds nothing to your points, in fact, it detracts from them.

2. Stop assuming all Christians are idiots. Most preachers have a degree. A good Christian scholar could shred most of you up on the debate floor in seconds.

3. Watch your language. Even an educated atheist doesn’t feel compelled to pepper his commentary with 4-letter words. A fool with the mouth of a drunken sailor will never be taken seriously.

4. Curb your vulgarity. Anal references belong in a high school bathroom, not in a debate between adults.

5. Presenting some actual facts. “Well, everybody knows gods aren’t real” isn’t a fact, it’s a logical fallacy, and an indefensible statement.

6. Try presenting original thoughts for a change. Any moron can copy ‘n’ paste the same tired drivel from godisimaginary or evilbible-dot-com.

7. Drop the bumper-sticker logic. Parroting lame slogans from even lamer websites can be accomplished by 5th Grader.

8. Stop trying to pass off your obscenity-laden invectives as “logical questions”, when in fact they’re nothing but snarky attacks designed to provoke anger, instead of fostering a healthy debate.

9. Quit excusing the rotten behavior of your fellow atheists. Show some courage and call THEM on the carpet for a change.

10. Start being more intellectually honest. Not only are many of you bald-faced liars, but it doesn’t take a 200 IQ to see that most of you aren’t as smart as you pretend to be.

11. If you’re going to bash the Bible, READ IT FIRST, not selected passages from evilbible-dot-com or Ken’s Poorly Rendered Guide to the Bible. At least treat it as literature, if nothing else.

12. Stop pointing the accusing finger solely at Christians for inventing intolerance and hatred. Take a look at your own hand next time you point a finger. One finger points outward, and three fingers point back at YOU.

The Village Atheists will probably tear this post to shreds, too. I think most of them haven't the slightest interest in discussing anything. They just want to vent their hatred by spewing bile. It sure would be nice if more them wanted to prove me wrong in this regard.

Friday, April 24, 2009