Friday, January 2, 2009

The "Power" of Atheism

Village Atheists abound on the Craigslist website, and their so-called "logical reasoning" is so funny! Here's a response to a post by an atheist who was claiming that Christians are the real power in Government and society, and that atheists present no real threat to that (man, wouldn't that person make a good Christian?). A typical atheist responded to that post with this gem:

"RE: Re:Re:We Atheists are powerless (Attempting to think)

Speak for yourself,but I have more power than any believer.Anyways logic and reason trumps irrational beliefs any day. Oh and here's some sex stories in the bye-bull believers will enjoy: "

(The respondent posted a link to pornographic site, which I won't link here. I'll get to that in a bit).

First of all, I'm just wondering: what "power" does that Village Atheist think he has that a Believer doesn't? Can he fly? see through walls? lift a 40 ton boulder and throw it? commit a felony and walk away free?
Atheists love to claim they have some kind of "freedom" or "power" that Christians don't. But when you ask them what that is, they'll reply with something like "well, uh, I can think anything I want", or "I can enjoy life more than a Christian".

On the first point: Christians can think anything they want. They voluntarily choose to control their thoughts to conform to the thinking their God encourages.

In fact, controlling one's thoughts is something nearly all people do to some extent. Ask a sex offender, for example, where all his crimes began, and he'll tell you that they started in his mind. Do you allow your thoughts to dwell on just anything? Of course not. The idea that atheists enjoy some kind of mental freedom that believers don't is just plain ridiculous.

Atheists will counter with "But, we're talking about the freedom to consider the natural causes of a Universe without any gods, that's what we're saying". I have news for you: Christians consider that, too. It's just that Naturalism loses because it doesn't make sense when analyzed carefully.

Also, the idea that the decision to become a Christian is not a product of "free thought" is just absurd, spurred on by a pesky Urban Legend that claims all Christians are "brainwashed", and had their religious beliefs forced on them by their browbeating, authoritarian parents. Ask a pastor if all his kids were perfect little Bible-thumpers, and you'll get a real eye-opening experience. Even Billy Graham's son Franklin was a PK (Pastor's Kid) who got himself into some trouble before he entered the ministry.

On the second point: Christians enjoy life very much; in fact, they'll tell you that Christianity increased their enjoyment of life much more than their previous existence ever could. I won't expound on this, the testimonies are too numerous to count. Let it suffice to say, go ask a Christian yourself.

In both cases, the Village Atheist was repeating generalities that atheists love to spread in their own circles, even though claims are simply spurious. But, as the old saying goes, a lie repeated often enough...

The atheist finished his response with a link to a website that took stories from the Bible and reworded them to make them graphically sexual, even where there was no sexuality implied. That's real mature! Another fine example of the lengths Village Atheists will go to offend believers, even when it involves murdering the Bible text and spreading bald-faced lies. Can you say "intellectual dishonesty", boys and girls? I knew you could.

I suggest to the Village Atheist crowd that, if they're going to brag about how much better they are than believers, they might think BEFORE posting links to ridiculous websites like the one this Craiglist respondent felt necessary to share with Christians.

Why do these people consider their silliness such a badge of honor, anyway?

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