Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Pretzel logic

Another atheist on Craigslist attempts to be an expert on religion.
My comments follow each of the guy's points.

Christians -

"Christians are so mislead from the truth, they have no clue what they're doing. The Christian culture is very robotic and Christians just accept what they are fed by generations of Christian leaders that root back to the Roman Empire."

Pretzel Logic Alert: Christians being accused of being “robots” who “don’t know the real truth”.

"If Christians had any understanding of historical facts and opened up their minds to the truth, they would be amazed at the biggest lie ever told. It's a fact that there were over 30 gospels written about Jesus."

Um, if the author of the post had any understanding of history, he’d know that there were several “forged” documents created to look like “gospels” in order to convince the ignorant that they were authoritative.

"Early Roman Christians were anti-semitic and could never admit they worshiped a Jewish Rabbi. Early Christian priests sat down and edited those 30 gospels down to 4, they also removed any parts that would be considered "Jewish" teachings, in an interest to promote wide acceptance of their Jesus in the Roman Empire."

Baloney. The original 4 Gospels were in existence and being quoted from by the early Apostolic church fathers before the end of the 1st Century. The other “gospels” were written later. On top of that, the writers of the “false” gospels were aware of the original gospels and used them as source material.

"During this period their were many religions, many Gods and many diverse beliefs. It wasn't until a Roman Emperor hundreds of years after Jesus' death accepted Christianity and made it illegal for any other religious beliefs in all the Roman Empire. From one day to the next, all the pagan Gods, temples, cultures and traditions were adapted into Christianity. I can prove through recorded history that everything you know about Jesus comes from pagan Gods and pagan beliefs."

Wrong. Emperor Constantine made Christianity the officially recognized state religion of Byzantium, but other religions were still practiced in the Byzantine Empire. Also, here is a link to a library of articles that address the Christian “copycat” myths:

"The Romans turned a good Jewish Rabbi into a pagan God. What absolute disrespect for the roots of Jesus. You should stop seeing everything in black-and-white and open up your minds to what is really going on. I challenge anyone to a debate that is based on intellectual facts, not New Testament scripture that you can spin any way you want..."

I’d like to see the author's reasoning behind the statement of a Roman Centurion at the Crucifixion, when he said “Truly, this man was the Son of God.” (Mark: 15-39)

The OP’s assumption that New Testament scripture isn’t factual is patently flawed. The New Testament Books have been certified as some of most reliable documents in all of ancient history. In fact, “spinning” New Testament scripture is intellectually dishonest.

What’s even more intellectually dishonest, however, is to make spurious assumptions based on questionable documents, like the OP has probably done. He needs to name his sources before bashing believers as “robots”.

Nice try. Thanks for playing.

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