Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hey, didja know?

"Fundamentalism" is a cult!

One of the new rants against Evangelical Christianity by Village Atheists is that believing the ENTIRE bible from Genesis to Revelation is cultic!

In other words, Village Atheists, who think the "bye-bull" is nothing but a bunch of superstitious hogwash anyway, have decided that Christians who don't cherry-pick the Bible for all the harmless stuff and ignore all the rest are now CULTISTS, because they don't take the same intellectually dishonest stance toward the Bible as the typical Village Atheist does.

So, I guess that if you accept the ENTIRE Bible as the Inspired Word of God, cover-to-cover, you're now some kind of cultist whacko vs. the normal, relatively "harmless" lukewarm Christian that a Village Atheist would find more tolerable.

Personally, I enjoy being considered a "cultist" by the atheist crowd. It's one more way God shows me I'm on the right track.

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