Saturday, November 10, 2007

Top Rated Atheist Video on YouTube?

Here’s another fine example of the intellectual dishonesty which runs rampant in the liberal/atheist community. This nice, candy-coated little video, which attempts to belittle the Bible while making out atheists to be misrepresented by Christians, is nothing but pure propaganda, and the video itself actually presents an incomplete picture of the issues and people it features.

First of all, the divorce rate figure quoted by the video may be accurate, but it begs the question: can a survey really assess the commitment level of a respondent who claims to be a “Christian”? And what would the numbers look like if Christianity was taken more seriously by those claiming to be Christians?

Also, even though the number of atheists is 1/10th of the believing population, atheism seems no better at keeping people together than religion. A 21% atheist divorce rate vs. a 24% Christian divorce rate is well within a margin of error that makes the figures identical.

The list of prominent atheists in Academia and Entertainment that the video presents is certainly a sugar-coated display. I’ll cite specific examples from among the lot:

Noam Chomsky: Leading Public Intellectual of 2005? According to whom? Chomsky ‘s venomous anti-American rhetoric has made him a hero to Communist thugs like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

Richard Dawkins: a brilliant scientist, but an embarrassingly bad debater on theology. His defense of atheism on the debate floor has been trashed repeatedly.

Thomas Edison: He may have been a brilliant inventor, but he was personally rude, had very poor personal cleanliness habits, and he refused to accept the idea that using AC current was a far more efficient means for electrifying houses. Edison used his political influence in an attempt to destroy Nikola Tesla, his former employee, who had invented economical AC power generators, which were far more efficient and profitable than the DC power generators that Edison was selling to cities for home electrification. Tesla eventually beat Edison at the home power game.

Steven Jay Gould: Posted a survey that eminent scientists and people with a higher IQ are less likely to believe in God. However, Gould underplayed the role one’s upbringing has in influencing religious beliefs. Most believers, regardless of IQ, were brought up in religious households.

Carl Sagan: The famous author of “Cosmos” made a fool of himself before a Senate subcommittee on abortion when he inferred that the various stages of development of a human embryo represent a microcosm of evolution, and that a fetus wasn’t really “human” during that stage. Sagan’s argument was shot down by a geneticist, who proved that a fetus is human from the time of conception.

The video mentions Ernest Hemingway: the famous author was a drunk and a womanizer, who was married 4 times and had numerous extramarital affairs. He was also suggestively homophobic. The video also neglects to mention that Hemingway became a Catholic.

The list of celebrities is even funnier.

Marlon Brando: Married 3 times, had numerous children (including 3 out of wedlock), and was quietly bisexual. He died in poor health from complications arising from his obesity.

Seth Green: Creator and producer of the quirky and often anti-Christian cable program, Robot Chicken. Now THERE’s a positive contribution to society! Personally, I liked him better in the Austin Powers trilogy as Scott Evil, the only member of Dr. Evil’s gene pool that “runs like a girl”.

Angelina Jolie: Now there’ s a piece of work. Angelina has no problem adopting kids from complete strangers across the 3rd World, but she can’t muster up 5 words to say to her own dad, Oscar winner Jon Voight. She’s been married and divorced twice, shacks up with actor Brad Pitt and had his child out of wedlock, and is covered with an assortment of tattoos. That’s quite a series of accomplishments for someone only 32 years old. What a wonderful spokesperson for family values!

Dave Matthews: Multimillion dollar recording artist and spokesperson against corporate greed in the entertainment industry. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. He’s also another mantra-spewing leftist.

The video also mentions Susan B. Anthony, founder of the Womens’ Sufferage Movement. Although Anthony developed a distrust of organized religion, she never claimed to be an atheist.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and the 70 billion dollars the 2 of them have donated to charity, is a favorite brag of atheists, and the video highlights this. Bravo! 70 billion dollars is a lot of money. However, the Salvation Army is the second largest welfare organization on Earth, and the services they provide are exceeded only by the United Nations.

The point is, this filmmaker bashed the Bible through the murder of scripture and tried to use this in defense of some notable atheists. Ironically, many of the people this video highlights aren’t exactly stellar examples of humanity, when you look a little deeper into their personal lives. When you add that to some factual inaccuracies in this video, and read all the wonderful reviews of this little piece of work, it makes you wonder if atheists really care about the truth, or does furthering their agenda take precedent?