Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cirque Du Stupide: The "Rational" Response Squad

If you thought American Atheists is a nutty militant atheist organization, just check out the Rational Response Squad.

Their Rational Responders site is hilarious. Led by Brian J. Sapient (a.k.a. Brian Cutler), these "rational" responders have made them themselves the Atheism Police, complete with silly mock cop badge logos (I can just picture some raggae band playing "bad theist, bad theist, whatcha gonna do" in the background).

And, while these people are boldly pronouncing their little "atheist jihad" against Christianity (which they have "proven" to be a mental disorder), they are constantly soliciting the reader for funds! So, while militant atheists love to bash Christian ministries for soliciting donations, these guys prove once more that atheists are nothing more than the "Pot that calls the Kettle black" as they use every opportunity to ask for donations in order to support their noble cause.

The latest activity of the RRS is their production of anti-Christian videos on YouTube, which, more than anything else, are designed to attract viewers to the RRS website, where they can beg the readers for money. One of their videos features somebody dressed up in a mock Jesus costume, stumbling around while drinking a beer. Real rational, right?

A quick tour of their Rational Responders website reveals all the IRRATIONALITY, nuttiness, intellectual dishonesty, profanity, and nasty comments from subscribers that you'll find on any other atheist nutter site, like God is For Suckers or the No God Blog. But what makes RRS special is the purely comical self-parody they've made of themselves with their phony police image. The seriousness with which RRS takes themselves is proof of just how dumb they really are.

I'm not posting links to their site, because RRS doesn't deserve even this much publicity. They also love to make threats, and some of their subscribers are actually stupid enough to support their litigation escapades. But I will fish them out from time to time for stupid commentary, as this site is loaded with the kind of banal knuckleheaded spew that makes militant atheism such a joke. The only reason I even bother with people like this is because they've made themselves highly visible, and they do succeed in fooling the ignorant with their misinformation.

So the Rational Response Squad had made my list as the new lead act in the Cirque Du Stupide. They will provide endless chuckles for me in the future, until they have the good sense to diappear. But then, good sense doesn't figure into the militant atheist mindset.


vargas said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Village Atheism has become quite popular on the internet these days and it always requires its adherents to be uncivil and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I know it's a late response to your blog, but I completely agree with you. Militant Atheism, like RRS, is a complete waste of anyone's time. Any Jack who has taken a community college Critical Thinking class can post ridiculous rants about a timeless belief structure and repeatedly point out different fallacies within someone elses argument. What the hell is the world coming to? As an atheist, I would figure your complete lack of belief in any creator would be satisfaction enough but, apparently, these atheists "must" go the extra step to "cure" something that makes most people happy (i.e., religion). Naturally I am assuming that religion makes believers happy. Afterall, have you ever heard a religious person say "Man, I am so tired of worshipping God! This sucks!"? Probably not.

In any event, I think the RRS, and similar organizations, are just means to create a contraversial statement in order to have some form of a day job, and possibly get some money (I mean "donations") out of it at the same time.