Friday, September 28, 2007

Brian Sapient: Atheist Lunkhead

I happened across this YouTube video of Brian Sapient being publicly interviewed by Todd Friel:

Sapient has proven once more that he is not an original thinker, by parroting a hackneyed liberal Democrat talking point about how women are dying because they're being denied abortions, thanks to all those nasty, narrow-minded Christians. And then Sapient supports his ASSUMPTION by telling the YouTube viewers to Google his claim, and see for themselves the names of all the women who died because they were denied abortions.

So I Googled it. Guess what I got? A huge list of names?

Bzzzzzzztttt..... Wrong answer. I got 2 whopping references to women dying from being denied abortions. 1 page was from N.O.W. (National Organization of Women), and 1 page from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). I'll link them here:

So, do ya think that NOW and FFRF have a political interest in promoting Urban Legends about abortion?

Only the N.O.W. page has names or numbers: a total of 7 (although the N.O.W. page mentions "countless" women who died because they didn't have access to safe or legal abortions).

The FFRF web page refers to 32 women who died in Wisconsin over a period of 2 years (1969-1971), and mentions no names.

Now let's look at the scarce information we Googled.

The intellectually dishonest N.O.W. page lists 7 women who died, not from being DENIED abortions, but from having ILLEGAL abortions performed by AMATEURS. These women, for whatever reason, chose to terminate their pregnancies on their own (some of the methods described were quite hideous), and they died as a result of injuries that were caused by these botched amateur procedures!

The FFRF page is more of an indictment of a poorly-run medical system in Wisconsin. The examples used were of women who died from medical complications associated with their pregnancies, all of which were avoidable, had their physicians managed their particular problems correctly. I don't see how anybody could make such a harsh judgement against restrictions on abortion with an article that didn't discuss the case histories of these women in any great detail.

That's all I got by 'Googling', Mr. Sapient. And by spewing such a broad, assumptive statement without checking your facts, you have proven yourself once more to be nothing but a mantra-spouting liberal buffoon... on YouTube, nonetheless!

If Brian Sapient can't get his facts straight on a simple subject like abortion, why would anybody be dumb enough to trust this guy to know what what he's talking about when he's dealing with the existence of the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE?

Even worse, while Friel pressed Sapient on his abortion fallacy, Sapient kept trying to go back to his original rant about how people were talking smack about him, and then flustered, he called Todd Friel a liar and a fraud... that was hilarious.

As far as "liar" and "fraud" are concerned, Sapient is the classic case of "it takes one to know one".

LIAR: Brian Sapient making spurious claims about abortion.

FRAUD: Brian Sapient claiming his views are supported by simply "Googling".

That YouTube video is a classic, showing Sapient, the proud Captain of the Atheist Mod Squad, as the knuckleheaded mouthpiece for militant atheism.

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