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Atheist Deep Thinker Gets It Wrong... Again

“Deep Thoughts” from

This I Know To Be True
By jimmer

The book of “Inquiry” is never complete.

Another Pearl of Wisdom by Captain Obvious!

The Religious had their books completed thousands of years ago by our primitive ancestors.

Substitute “Christians” for the word “religious”. I’ll provide the intellectual honesty here since “jimmers” won’t. By the way, can we help it if our ancestors got it right the first time?

We are the voice of “Reason”, A light in the darkness.

(Violins begin playing in the background)

The Religious are the same old tired and threadbare hissing of the Insane death cults.

This brainiac, “jimmers”, has managed to do what no philosopher or scholar has even ever done: sum up all religions in one sentence. This dude needs to be selected for the atheist “Real Men of Genius” award.

Talk about your “threadbare hissing”; Google the 2 million-plus threadbare anti-Christian “hisses” that are spewed all over the inter-web sometime. I’m sure that after reading a handful of these insane rants, you’ll be convinced that most atheists learned their basic English skills from “Hooked On Obscenities”.

…In less than a generation the U.S. has been forced to live under a pall of unmistakable ignorance. We have been swindled out of our free thought universal triumphs and have been handed the latest version of the book of Deuteronomy. The Bush, Kennedy, Robertson, Falwell et. al. punch for a theocratic U.S. and it has left us nearly bankrupt of the vision that once guided this nation to be a Nation Among Nations…

And a fine example of unmistakable ignorance is this paragraph of Left-Wing Talking Point Pap, offered by a liberal-indoctrinated KID, i.e. Knucklehead In Denial. This comes straight from the geniuses at So much for “free, independent” thinking, Junior.

From spying on, well, everyone to torture to the elimination of the Writ of Habeus Corpus to waging war against a nation that did not attack the U.S. They have lead the U.S. and the world to the brink of an insane and winless world war that will NOT herald in a NEW age. It will herald in the end of life as we know it.

Oh no! Another doomsday prophet!

Now this guy can predict the future! What does this Real Man of Genius (I use the term “man” loosely in reference to this KID) expect would have happened if we’d just sat on our hineys after 19 nuts flew airliners into the Twin Towers?

“jimmers” has some other problems here. What makes the war “winless” (whatever that is)? Has “jimmers’ already declared the Iraq war a draw?

This is just another recitation of the hackneyed Democrat Talking Points that are boring everyone else to sleep. Okay, Junior, we know how you vote. By the way, you haven’t explained why CHRISTIANS are responsible for any of this.

I think I hear crickets chirping.

We are witnessing the best of Religious doctrine taking over in the world and what do they give us? Nothing but war and terror. They all have divided the pie and are making sure that they get their share. The current political albatross in Washington has little in common with even the most rancorous political differences of the the 1950’s. All politicians are kneeling and giving their obesiance to the religious.

What’s really sad is, this guy BELIEVES what he wrote! I can almost hear Mussorgsky’s “Night On Bald Mountain” playing as I read it.

What I know to be true. That we have put a man on the moon through Scientific principles and the religious did not.

Stupid Atheist Assumption Alert: Atheists continue to spread the Urban Myth that CHRISTIANS had no involvement whatsoever in the technological advances of the 20th Century. Pure BULL.

How can anybody with more than a half-functional brain even entertain the thought that there are no Christian engineers, doctors, or scientists? Does the average atheist still labor under the delusion that Christians are nothing but buck-toothed door-to-door Bible salesmen?

That at one time not so long ago the entire world marvelled at the achievements of a visionary U.S. A U.S. that sent it’s men to space but has also gone out of it’s way to include other nations in the line-up. A U.S. that gave and gave.

We Americans still DO give… how about the billions our Adminstration has authorized to fight AIDS in Africa, for just one example?

Was this KID raised in a home-made bomb shelter?

But through the misdirected leadership of an administration suffering from the god sickness it has abandoned it’s own people in New Orleans...

Another Completely Ridiculous And Presumptive (CRAP) statement by a Leftist Stooge. The victims of Katrina are STILL getting aid, not only from the Gub-Mint, but from the SALVATION ARMY; you know, one of those Christofascist organizations that is 2nd only to the United Nations in providing assistance to the needy.

It has cheapened the lives of people of other nations to the point where they are collateral damage or worse they aren’t worth fighting for. In spite of the numbers of dead due to genocide in Darfur, Rwanda, as well as other nations that could be helped. The U.S. has stopped helping and has gone away.

BUNK. Read the newspaper, son. Get out more. The big reason Darfur has become such a hot-button issue is because it has become popular with the Hollywood crowd. The problems in the Sudan have gone on since the late 1980’s, but no one gave a tinker’s damn except for Christians, because it is Christians who have been singled out by Marxist Muslims for genocide. Our complaints fell on deaf ears.

You want an example of something that has cheapened life? Try legalized abortion.

There is no vision except a vision of war and poverty if we continue to be led by such people. I started today wondering how we as a People had grown so far from our sense of being free. I realized that in many ways that while the U.S. was still under the leadership of real people that there was a vision that could be shared by all. Even by people who were not living here. It was the simple idea of each of us having a vision for ourselves. And it was a vision of a Nation that stood together without the fear of the unknown. It was not a vision based on what the Religious want or say. It was not a vision of the past. And it certainly was not a vision of war.

BUNK. This KID doesn’t know diddly-squat about the history of our country, nor has he bothered to read any of the personal letters or memoirs by our Founding Fathers. Religion was considered so important that it is Constitutionally protected. THAT’s what our nation’s attitude was on religion!

I end with this idea that came from the Apollo space program.

First the plaque that was left by the first people on the moon was a statement for all of mankind. That is why I consider religion to be a dismal failure in that they have divided the world and have caused more suffering than they have solved. They only care for themselves.

Another line of robotically-repeated drivel from the Lefty Atheist Hate Club. How about it if this KID provides some facts and figures about the suffering CHRISTIANITY has caused as opposed to Atheistically-Inspired Communism?

…Second here is a short account of the Apollo 11 landing.

...This flight rekindled the excitement felt in the early 1960s during the first Mercury flights, and set the stage for later Apollo landing missions. An ecstatic reaction enveloped the globe, as everyone shared in the success of the mission. Ticker tape parades, speaking engagements, public relations events, and a world tour by the astronauts served to create good will both in the United States and abroad.

The Goodwill that took 200 years to cultivate. This latest bunch of politicians have squandered while lining their own pockets and the pockets of their benefactors.

Another CRAP statement. The ”goodwill” that the United States has built up had NOTHING to do with the Apollo Missions, and EVERYTHING to do with the blood sacrifices of American men and women in World War I. World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, The Gulf War, Afghanistan, and YES, even the current Iraq War.

THAT is what has gained America its respect.

Jesus said, “There is no greater love than to lay one’s life down for another” (paraphrased).

Lefty Atheist KID’s need to learn this very CHRISTIAN concept.

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