Monday, September 17, 2007

Are Atheists More 'Compassionate"?

Here’s a neat little tidbit from the American Atheists website, in a section labeled Coming Out – Atheism: the Other Closet. It deals with telling your relatives and friends that you’re an atheist, as if revealing it is tantamount to admitting you’re gay.

Be Compassionate. Yes, YOU be compassionate to THEM. Understand that the people you tell love you, and actually believe in God and their preachers' teachings. They are victims - just as you are - of the lies and falsehoods told by religious organizations, the only difference being they actually may believe those lies. They may express their emotions as anger, but a little education and steadfastness mixed with understanding may allow them to get over that hump quickly.”

Gee, I thought all atheists were naturally more compassionate than us bigoted, narrow-minded Christians. I thought all atheists had a superior built-in code of morals. And here we have American Atheists INSTRUCTING the person "coming out" to be compassionate?

I’d like to point out a few fine examples of “compassion” towards religious believers as demonstrated by American Atheists, beginning with another excerpt from the “Coming Out” section:

“Mention bad religious people. Remember that Hitler was a Catholic, and that Jeffrey Dahmer said grace before he ate his victims. Mention also that one need only open a newspaper to find yet another story about allegations against priests for sexual misconduct, often with children. Don't forget our good friends Jim Bakker (who swindled millions from his flock) and Jimmy Swaggart (asked for forgiveness only after being caught using prostitutes).”

Yup, show your compassion by associating all Christians with a handful of criminals who “claimed” to be Christians. Also be sure to neglect mentioning people like the Communist leaders who renounced religion, singled out the Church for persecution, and killed millions in the process of building their empires. When someone asks you, just tell them Pol Pot wasn’t a “real” atheist.

Here’s another one for you, right from the American Atheists’ Greeting Cards section: The Skiing Jesus Solstice Card.

That’s right, show your compassion for those poor, misguided Christians by ridiculing their most important religious figure on one of their most sacred holidays. That’ll score some points for atheism!

Here’s an excerpt from the American Atheists website which deals with the Bible:

“The Bible story of Jesus is a contradictory and confusing account. The Bible shows that this Jesus fellow spoke and taught many absurd and foolish things, and often believed he was having a conversation with devils. If one will read the entire Bible, one will find tales of ignorance, murder, sexual perversions, mass insanity, idiotic laws, and even cannibalism and human sacrifice. It staggers the imagination how anyone in his right mind could read the Bible and believe that it was written by a wise, just, and loving god. Christians have found biblical scriptures telling them to burn people at the stake, to justify slavery, to oppress and persecute others, and to kill and commit war in the name of their god. Unfortunately, there are some even today who would have us return to the teachings and laws found in the Bible.”

Another great way to show your compassion for Christians: bash the Bible, their most sacred Book, based on a spurious understanding of the Book’s contents. It works as long as the people you’re dealing with are dumber than you.

Here’s another quote I found on the American Atheists website, from the page called “Race and Religion”:

"We are white Christian soldiers standing against crime, evil, and corruption ... Our king and leader is God Almighty, and our doctrine is the Holy Bible. God is on our side."

White Patriot Party leaderGlenn Miller [Raleigh, NC, 1986]

Want to show your compassion for your Christian friend? There’s no better way than to call all Judeo-Christians a bunch of racists. Just like the section on “bad” religious people, take advantage of the “guilt by association” argument here as well. It works great on the ignorant.

You what I'm getting at here? Atheist "compassion" and 2 bucks will get you a small coffee at Starbuck's.

You gotta love those militant Atheists, the most self-contradictory bunch of flim-flam artists on the planet.

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