Sunday, September 16, 2007

Atheist In A Tinfoil Helmet

Another Real Atheist of Genius posts crackpot conspiracies on Craigslist:

re:My very Christian Coworker

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Date: 2007-09-16, 10:02AM PDT

Actually the Roman Piso family wrote the new testament and invented "Jesus:"

This hilarious story has been floating around for years and years. Supposedly, Calpurnius Piso, son of Roman General Arrius Calpurnius Piso, wrote the New Testament and invented Jesus. There’s only one problem, however: Arrius Calpurnius Piso never existed, so it’s a sure bet his son Calpurnius didn’t, either. The whole story is a forgery.

Here’s the real dirt behind this ridiculous Urban Legend:

It's all about Roman authority, which morphed into the Vatican and the Knights of Malta. When the pope kisses the ground, it's not to express gratitude, but his ownership. His country controls all central banks worldwide, except Iran and North Korea. Fractional-reserve banking allows him to amplify his financial maneuvers 100-fold. His minions can call loans at any time and destroy a nation's economy with a phone call.”

I’m sure the stockholders and the boards of all these banks would be very interested in hearing about how the Pope calls all the shots. Needless to say, this inane idea needs no exhaustive examination. Its silliness stands on its own lack of merit.

”All reality is dualistic, as any lawyer or particle physicist will prove.”

Boy, now I can rest assured that a lawyer can define the dualism of reality, just the same way they defined what is “science” in lawsuits against the ID crowd. And you have to love the psychobabble about particle physics.

“Christianity keeps people stupid by drawing a line down the center of worldly dualities, and proclaiming one side evil while the other side is declared ‘good’.”

Another journey down the road of numbskull logic and relativistic twaddle. Does this guy think that there are no standards of good and evil, even to the hard-core atheist?

“Nazi Pope uses politicians to built polarity [Jesuit priests promulgate Republican-vs-Democrat and the Civil War, for example] and thus keep people unbalanced and off-center, and thus more easily controlled.”

I bet President Lincoln is rolling over in the grave at the discovery that the JESUITS were behind the Civil War… NOT! And when are these loons going to off that old tired “Pope is a Nazi” kick? Does this knucklehead think all Germans walk around yelling “Sieg Heil!” and clicking their heels?

The sad fact is, this guy, who posted this lunacy, would have you think we Christians are the unbalanced wackos here.

I have only one question for this Craigslist Real Man of Genius:

What size tinfoil hat do you prefer?


Tbones said...

have you seen this? Maybe some wacky atheist fodder for your site.

The NeoCon Brownshirt said...

Naw, I'm sure Mr. Walton has dealt with this fool already.
I've encountered the same kind of malarkey on Craigslist and elsewhere on the Web, where imposters post garbage in their lame attempts to discredit people they hate. It's a half-wit low-brow tactic used all too often by unoriginal thinkers.